Ohio approves including the right to abortion in the Constitution

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The voters of Ohio have approved the inclusion of right to abortion in the Constitution of this State of the United States, according to media projections, giving a resounding victory to the abortion advocates and to the Democrats of President Joe Biden, one year before the presidential elections.

In a sign of the importance of this issue, which will weigh heavily during the 2024 campaign, in Kentucky, a neighboring and conservative state, Democratic Governor Andy Beshear also won re-election on Tuesday after making the right to abortion one of his battlehorses. , according to the same sources.

In Ohiothe “yes” vote on the pro-abortion constitutional amendment won with 55% of the vote, according to a New York Times projection.

Ohio thus joins a series of states, both progressive and conservative, that have consistently voted in favor of abortion to the surprise of Republicans after the Supreme Court reversed itself on this issue last year.

This test vote has been closely watched across the country as it provides an opportunity to gauge the trend among voters a year ahead of the presidential election.

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