Oil Runs Out Soon, The Fate Of Timor Leste Like A Stepchild In Southeast Asia Until Rejected To Enter ASEAN

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Timor Leste is the only country in Southeast Asia that is not a country ASEAN.

Majority of members ASEAN refuse Timor Leste join.

The reason is that this small country does not yet have a strong economy.

Even though, Timor Leste has oil fields as the main support for the country’s national income.

It’s just oil Timor Leste is predicted to only last in 2022.

This means that next year, there will be no reliable natural resources in Timor Leste.

Even though Timor Leste such as stepchildren, countries ASEAN do not care.

Timor Leste has long hoped to join, but has always been refused.

For 11 years Timor Leste never stop volunteering as a member candidate ASEAN.

Even among the 10 member countries, there is one country that is stubbornly resisting wishes Timor Leste join ASEAN.

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