Öko-Test / Deo: Test winner incredibly cheap – brands fail

Öko-Test examined deodorant. The surprising result: Cheap products are the test winners. However, expensive branded products do poorly.

  • Eco test has different Deodorant sprays compared and examined without aluminum.
  • Especially that Products the Discounters and Drugstores, like Aldi, Lidl and Rossmann, recommends Eco test with a price of less than one euro.
  • But the experts especially speak for that Deodorant some brands one warning from since the article harmful can be for health.

Dortmund / NRW – If you didn’t make it in the shower in the morning or sweat a lot, you are welcome to grab it Deodorantto be fresh for the day. Eco test has examined a total of 50 products – with a surprising one Result, as reported by RUHR24.de *.

Deodorant in the eco test: test winners from Aldi, Lidl and Rossmann cost just a few cents

Because not the expensive ones Branded items convince during the review – on the contrary: Of the 25 deodorants that received the rating “very good”, many belong to the Products to the Own brands from Rossmann, Aldi and Lidl.

This is how “Cien Deodorant spray Hot Pink “and the” Men Aqua Spray “from Lidl for 32 cents to the Test winners. No harmful pollutants were found here. The Balea too Deodorant spray from dm received the top grade for the same price.

Deodorant test: Öko-Test also recommends these organic products after they have been checked

To the Winners also include the Deodorant sprays without aluminum from these brands for 32 to 38 cents each:

  • Isana (Rossmann)
  • Biocura (Aldi)
  • Elkos (Edeka)
  • Bevola (country of purchase)

Who value anyway Organic products can put on the Deodorant spray Use wild rose from Lavera. However, the price is 4.99 euros per spray bottle. This is an alternative product “Deodorant Water Lily” from CD for 1.99 euros per bottle. The complete list of Test winner can be found online at Eco test.

Deodorant sprays for men: pollutants discovered – Öko-Test warns of well-known brands

When examining Eco test there were also big losers. A lot of expensive ones Deodorant sprays For Men deliver terrifying Results and are therefore only rated “poor” or even “insufficient” by the experts.

Those who sweat a lot during sport often use deodorant spray. But Öko-Test now warns of branded men’s deodorants.

© Christophe Gateau / dpa

This is mainly due to the Pollutantsthat have been proven. These include artificial musk compounds and the fragrance Cashmeran.

These chemistry clubs can have a drastic impact on the health to have. According to the Öko-Test, they can “accumulate in the adipose tissue of humans and animals” and can also be extremely harmful to the environment by endangering water. The Öko-Test experts, who recently examined self-tanners, discovered these substances in the Brands Adidas, Bruno Banani, John Player Special and Playboy discovered.

Deodorant spray at Öko-Test: Products from Adidas, Playboy, Dove and Nivea are the big losers

Also the Lilial fragrance was in some Deodorants proven without aluminum. Lililal smells of lily of the valley, but it cannot be excluded that the substance will impair fertility. Both Deodorants Garnier, Bruno Banani and Old Spice have discovered fragrances that are common Allergies trigger.

The “Adidas” received the mark “insufficient” Deodorant Body Spray Victory League for him “, as well as the” Ax Black Fresh deodorant & Body Spray “from Unilever and the” Playboy VIP deodorant Body Spray for him “. The rating” poor “received about Products of the brands Dove, Bruno Banani, Garnier and Nivea. malm

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List of rubric lists: © Arno Burgi / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa

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