Old furniture is still littering the sidewalks of Trois-Rivières

Several old abandoned pieces of furniture continue to litter the sidewalks of Trois-Rivières, a month after the moving period.

Despite an intensive collection operation in the first two weeks of July, the City was unable to recover everything and calls on citizens to report the presence of this type of large garbage by calling 311.

“If citizens see this kind of thing, you are our eyes and ears on the land. It is possible that there are elements that escape the City. So people can make a request. It’s free, ”explained Guillaume Cholette-Janson, City spokesperson.

Municipal officials are also in greater demand than ever. Trois-Rivières had received 905 calls for bulky waste abandoned in June and July 2017. This number practically tripled to reach 2,872 calls this year, again in June and July.

However, the patrols of the public works department spontaneously collected only 319 bulky waste at random from their movements in June and July 2020, against 512 in June and July 2017.

The City of Shawinigan instituted the same procedure at the beginning of the year on its territory with the result that almost nothing has been left in its streets since the moving period.

“Once a month, there are trucks that pass during the week. There is a week determined by sector, ”said Véronique Gagnon-Piquès, spokesperson for the City of Shawinigan.

In Shawinigan as in Trois-Rivières, old furniture is no longer automatically sent to the landfill site. Rather, they are taken to an ecocentre to enhance their components.

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