Old school money for pictures of orangutans being hunted, some sell for almost 100 million


JAKARTA – For collectors or fans old money , having old-school money that is not owned by many others is a matter of pride. Although it cannot be traded or traded, the price can be fantastic if it is in the unique and rare category.

Old money is a product that has a higher price than its original value. With its rarity, many collectors are willing to spend deep to be able to have it.

One of the ancient notes that has a fantastic price is the Rp500 note issued in 1992. The banknote with the image of an orangutan with a greenish color has now been discontinued, as stated in Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) number 8/27/PBI/2006.

Based on a search by SINDOnews in one of the marketplaces, the nominal Rp.500 banknote with a picture of a monkey was sold at various prices, from the cheapest at Rp. 5,000 per share to the very expensive at Rp.

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The dwistore20 store account on Tokopedia, for example, sells it for IDR 3,840,000 per share. Another store called Watchstorewow set a price of IDR 50 million for the six banknotes.

Most fantastically, omega2020 store accounts dare to display prices up to Rp. 99,750,000. Unfortunately the product is not clearly described, it only mentions an ancient Rp500 banknote with an original monkey image weighing 500 grams.

To note, ancient money that is still owned today cannot be sold to Bank Indonesia (BI). This central bank only accepts old currency exchanges that meet the requirements related to the year the money was issued.

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In 2018, BI only accepted money issued from 1998-1999 to be exchanged. So, for money that is older than that is not accepted by BI. In addition, the old currency exchange rate at BI is not as high as if it were sold alone.


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