Oldest human footprint in North America found in New Mexico

Ancient “ghost trails” were found in the southwestern United States and have a significant impact on human history in North America.

Scientists have found footprints dating back nearly 23,000 years in New Mexico’s White Sands National Park, providing evidence that humans have lived on the continent longer than previously demonstrated.

A study begins by following in the footsteps announced on Thursday. “Despite the abundance of archaeological research over the past century, the timing of human migration to the Americas remains unresolved.” in science magazines.

The results indicate that people existed in North America about 2000 years ago. The oldest human footprints in North America, previously found in Canada, are about 13,000 years ago.

Matthew Bennett, research author and ancient footprint expert at the University of Bournemouth he told CNN. “This is the first clear location and good data point for people in the American Southwest to be around the last ice cap.”

Evidence for humans in North America during the last ice cap.
Bennett et al.

Scientists report that fossilized footprints were created by children and teenagers who lived in the area during the last ice age or the last ice cap. During this period, the northern third of North America was covered by the ice sheet that reached New York. It is believed that children were doing it for the elderly and they were playing too.

In addition to living in the Ice Age, the study authors found that ancient humans coexisted with giant creatures, including giant sloths and mammoths.

It may not be familiar to modern parents why more children, not adults, go out on the road despite a completely different landscape then and now. Babies always seem to be trampling a lot.

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