Olesya’s children, husband and parents died in Ukraine. She joined the army. “This is my family now”

Oleś lost two children, her husband, parents and in-laws during the war in Ukraine. The woman joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine to help her compatriots. – This is an attempt to save oneself, to find the purpose of life – says Oleś.

Olesia worked as a surgeon in Italy, but after losing her loved ones, she decided to return to Ukraine and help those in need. In an interview with the portal RBC-Ukraine the woman told how the last year changed her life and why she joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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Ukraine. Oleś lost her husband, children, parents and in-laws

The Ukrainian’s parents lived in Luhansk until the beginning of the war in 2014, when they moved to Mariupol. Oleś was studying in Italy at the time. After the Russian attack on Mariupol in February 2022, Olesya’s parents were shot dead. Their bodies lay on the road for nearly three months, after which the Russians threw their corpses, together with the other dead, into one pit. Oleś was then in Italy with her husband. Their children, 4-year-old Sonia and 11-year-old Gavril, were looked after by the woman’s husband’s parents, who lived near Kiev – they stayed there to avoid the coronavirus pandemic.

At the end of February 2022, Olesi’s husband went to Kiev – he was a military surgeon, he wanted to help the wounded in Ukraine. The man’s parents and their grandchildren decided to leave for Italy on March 15. The bus they were traveling in was hit by a Russian missile, all passengers died, 11-year-old Gavrilo was hospitalized with extensive burns and died the next day.

After this tragedy, Olesi was helped by the support of friends from Italy. – Mercy kills people. It doesn’t make you stronger, but I was thankful they were with me. They did not feel sorry for me, but supported me, ”said Olesya, quoted by the RBC-Ukraine portal. The woman’s husband, Sashka, stayed in Ukraine and blamed himself for the loss of his family, he reached Bachmut to help those in need. He died on September 5 during the evacuation of the wounded from the city – his car was then hit by a Russian missile.

War in Ukraine. Olesya joined the Ukrainian army. “I am needed here”

Oleś lost her closest family, tried to work in Italy, but returned to Ukraine and joined the army. Now she is studying and is a member of the assault brigade, she works as a nurse. – I’m needed here. I can help, save someone’s life and make someone’s children smile. Maybe it’s selfish. Because it is an attempt to save myself, to find the purpose of life, but I feel that I should be here – said the woman. Olesya admits that her new family is now friends in military uniforms. She says the experience made her stronger, but she hasn’t come to terms with what she’s been through. – I do not have the courage to look at the family photo yet – said Oleś.

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