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Olga Buzova, 32, confidently goes to her goal: to conquer the Russian show. In November, his first solo concert took place, and on this star "Case-2 "will not stop at this moment. according to Olga. she is full of energy and ready to continue making her dreams come true. even if two years ago he did not want to live.

On December 30, 2016, Buzova divorced Dmitry Tarasov after four years of marriage. The television host said. that the player has cheated with model Anastasia Kostenko. who married shortly after the divorce. In an interview with the portal "Around the TV, "said Olga. who is going through her husband's betrayal. Then his mother supported Irina Aleksandrovna.

"When I did not want to live. she told me: "The main thing. what do you have?. daughter. this is your life. "In a difficult period. in which I was two years ago. These words helped me a lot. I understood. so it's all pain. that I feel. this is nothing compared to. that I have a life. that I'm alive. that I can breathe. to travel. look at the world I understand. that no situation deserves to be lived. that is given to us, "said Buzova.

Olga added. what do you feel happy now. after all, she is doing what she likes. In the future, Buzova plans to realize another dream: to play the main role in the film.. of which she could be proud. Now, due to the presenter, there are several supporting roles.

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