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Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova // Photo: Instagram

By now Olga Buzova conquers all the musical charts, while she works as a presenter and TV designer. And just two years ago, the star's career was under great threat, because after leaving with Dmitry Tarasov, the actress could not find an incentive to move forward. Now she does not hide that because of the strongest experiences she even had thoughts about suicide. Then his beloved mother came to Olga's rescue. Irina Alexandrovna reminded her daughter how precious her life is and how important it is to overcome this test with her head held high.

"My mother gave me the most valuable advice when I did not want to live.This was two years ago.Then my mother told me:" Daughter, the main thing you have is your life. "Then I realized that all the pain that I felt is nothing compared to what I can travel, breathe, create, "said Olga.

Parents support Olga in everything

Parents support Olga in everything // Photo: Instagram

The proof of betrayal, through which the star had to go, has only tempered his character. Now nobody can stop Olga on the way to her goal: the conquest of the music scene. According to the artist, he had dreamed of performing and recording songs since he was 13 years old. So the Buzova idol was Britney Spears, whom she still loves. "See, I am absolutely faithful to everything, I loved her at age 13, I love her now, I have other examples to follow, but Britney is the main one", shared the television host.

Olga still has a dream, which she has not yet been able to fully realize – this is work at the cinema. Yes, the star has had small roles in several images, but dreams of a difficult and really interesting role.

"I played in a great movie" Burn it! "In several TV shows, but I want more, so I invite all the directors to invite me to the cinema until they are in front of them.The talent is lost! I'm ready, I wait and I hope.I think the main role in my life is not It's not the fact that it will be played in the film, maybe this is the role of mother or wife, or maybe the role of the president's wife, "said the artist.

The TV presenter works hard to achieve his goals

The TV presenter works hard to achieve his goals // Photo: Instagram

Obviously, Olga has no intention of launching the "DOM-2" project, which once glorified it. Now, according to the TV presenter, many people consider themselves stars, even if they have only been shown on TV several times. "It's a mistake to believe you become a star as soon as you get on TV … No, it's not – to be really famous, you have to work all the time to do something new and not give interviews to various publications after different arias" called the artist.

In an interview for "Around the TV" Olga said that she also has fears and doubts. But Buzova is trying not to pay attention to them. However, the star has come a long way and it would have been silly to stop after so many successes and trials.


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