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Osvaldas Olisevičius, who was just a hair away from relegation to the lower league in Italy, said that he and the UnaHotels represented by Emilia Režos had a difficult season, but the Lithuanian continues to want to defend the honor of the team.

Playing in the Italian league Osvaldas Olisevičius together with Emilia Režo “UnaHotels“ended a difficult season. The team represented by him broke through the keyhole to the 14th position in the Italian championship and thus retained its place in the country’s top league.

UnaHotels has won 11 games in 30 games this season, leaving Trieste (11-19) and Verona (9-21) behind, who were relegated.

The 30-year-old forward from Lithuania averaged 11.7 points, 4 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 10.5 assists in Italy this season.

Points are earned this season

Despite his solid stats, Olisevicius admitted that coming back from last season’s injury was difficult for him.

“We just stayed united and fought until the end because we had a very difficult season this year. It was probably the most difficult season in my career, Olisevičius told Serie A. – I am glad that we managed to save our place in the league in the end. We didn’t give up, we continued to play our basketball and we had some good games, like against Scafati. I think a match like this was very important, because it gave us more confidence as a team and for everyone individually.”

“After the injury last season, I had to get back to the right rhythm and feeling. Such a match helped me and the team to achieve this goal, – said the Lithuanian about the saved place in the Italian championships. – I would like to stay In Emilia Reggio’s team, I like it here. I have a contract for next season, if nothing changes, I will continue to be in red and white.”

Last season, the basketball player averaged 16.2 points, 4.6 rebounds, 1.6 assists and 14.6 assists in 19 games.

The Lithuanian received a question against which player he would like to test his strength. Olisevicius named the Los Angeles Lakers star and his compatriot.

“If I could choose an NBA player, it would be LeBron James. “I would choose compatriot Lina Kleizas, who played in Milan, from the European players,” he said UnaHotels striker. – He was my ideal when I was growing up. If I could take a trait, I would like more athleticism – a better jump. I’d like to be one of those players who does crazy things in the air.”

Osvaldas, who finished the second season in a row in the ranks of the Emilia Redjo team, also revealed what he likes to do in his free time and where he intends to go on vacation.

“Fishing? I tried but it takes too much time for me. When you are fishing, you have to be able to wait, and I am not a patient person, – said Olisevičius. – Yes, it’s a fun activity because you can relax and enjoy the peace, but I don’t do it in my free time. I like to do sports and I’m not only talking about basketball, but also tennis and football.

My favorite tennis player is Novak Djokovic, he is one of the best. At that time, I started following the Milan club in football this year, because our captain Andrea Cinciarini is a passionate fan of this team. That’s why I started watching this team as well.”

“I will start my vacation from Friday. We will go to Sardinia for a week, where I have played with the team. Apart from away matches, I have not visited that place, said the Lithuanian. – Then I will return to Lithuania and we will go somewhere, we have not decided yet. If I had to mention a place to visit in Lithuania, it would definitely be the capital Vilnius. Many Italians who visited this city said it was very beautiful and were happy to go there.”

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