Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles’ dramatic romance: Upset fans, spats and a terribly awkward premiere

Despite being a man who is staunch about his gender fluidity, and who maintains that sexuality should not be labeled, musician and actor Harry Styles’ relationships with women are quickly becoming a hot topic of discussion.

“People accuse me of using the symbols of the LGBTI community, and I only go out publicly with women. But I don’t think I’ve ever been public about my private life. Just because I’ve been photographed with someone doesn’t mean I’ve made it public your relationship, or something like that,” commented the performer from the former teen band One Direction.

But as much as he doesn’t want to be in the news with his intimate relationships, the premiere of his latest film “Don’t Worry Baby” forced Styles to swallow those scruples, as his relationship with the film’s director, Olivia Wilde, left a bunch of question marks about the on-set drama.

The romance between the two began shortly after the start of filming in September 2020. Harry Styles was approved to replace Shia LeBeouf in the role of Jack – a young man who got a job in the mysterious project “Victoria” and moved with his wife to a model town created by 1950s model.

From the beginning of the film, there were rumors that sparks were flying between Wilde and Styles, and the news that they were a couple was confirmed a few months later with two events – a photo of the two stars as guests at a wedding and documents for a custody dispute from the ex-partner of the actress/director.

Olivia Wilde’s ex-fiancé, Jason Sudeikis (“Ted Lasso”), with teasing documents showed exactly how offended he was after their breakup, but it later became clear that he was not the only one who was upset after the actress’ reunion with Harry Styles.

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The publication of their joint photos caused a storm of reactions on TikTok, and the provocateur were the fans of the pop artist.

In numerous videos, teenage girls called for a “cancellation culture” against Olivia Wilde for disrupting the working dynamic of Don’t Worry Honey by dating one of the actors.

Other comments were much more blunt and offensive, pointing out the 10-year age difference between Wilde and Styles.

“She’s 10 years older than him, how dare she,” said hundreds of girls, dissatisfied with their idol’s girlfriend.

For Harry Styles, however, this wave of negativity is nothing new. Ever since he became a member of the boy band One Direction, the Briton has adapted to the idea that part of his job is to make teenage girls’ knees soft. And now, although it is tiring, there is no way to part with this image.

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“Imagine that for a second. You’re going on a second date with someone and you say, ‘You should know that there’s a good chance that at some point you’re going to have a lot of hate thrown at you. Things will be written that are downright mean, offensive, and not true. But anyway, where do you want to eat?” Styles explains the situation to The Rolling Stones.

If the suffocating fan love for the pop star was the only source of conflict, the premiere of “Don’t Worry, Baby” might have overshadowed the fact that a relationship was formed during its filming.

But from TikTok, the topic of the burning love between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde was carried over to the Venice Film Festival.

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The drama-drenched press conference before the premiere of “Don’t Worry, Honey” gave reason to dig deeper into their relationship. One couldn’t help but notice that lead actress Florence Pugh, who plays Alice, the wife of Jack (Stiles’ character), was mysteriously absent from the film’s promotions.

After nearly half an hour of asking questions about the inspiration behind the strip, one of the journalists eventually pointed to the elephant in the room and asked where Florence Pugh was.

A visibly confused Olivia Wilde explained her absence by filming the second installment of Dune, where Pugh plays Princess Irulan.

“Florence is a force. I am grateful that she will be able to attend the film’s premiere despite her commitment to Dune. As a director, I understand how nerve-wracking it is to lose an actor, even for a day. So I appreciate Denis Villeneuve’s gesture to her allowed her to come to celebrate her incredible work,” said the actress and director.

However, her explanation fails on several counts. First of all, “Dune” is filmed in Budapest, which is about an hour’s flight from Venice, and secondly, Timothée Chalamet, who plays the main role in the fantasy epic, not only came to the festival, but also participated in the whole press tour for his movie Bones and All.

Florence Pugh joining the rest of the cast of “Don’t Worry Baby” on the red carpet at the film’s launch didn’t go smoothly either. The coldness between Pugh and Wilde was easily felt. The two never looked at each other or exchanged a word as they posed for photographers.

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When there’s such palpable tension between actor and director, and when you add in the fact that a leading star has shown reluctance to promote his film, you can’t help but raise suspicions about the working process.

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According to multiple sources, Pugh’s behavior has one explanation – Olivia Wilde turned her back on professionalism after she and Harry Styles became a couple, and the “Dune” star didn’t like it at all.

Stiles is also said to have taken a significantly higher fee for the role, even though the entire weight of “Don’t Worry Baby” falls on the shoulders of the significantly more experienced actress.

To top it all off, after the extremely awkward premiere and press conference, a clip from the night of the first screening of “Don’t Worry Baby” has surfaced on social media, showing Harry Styles spitting on Chris’s pants, presumably while having a mild cough Pine, who also stars in the Olivia Wilde film.

Pine looks down at his lap, smiles, and decides not to make a scene. Styles’ reps later said there was no spat.

In one of the press questions surrounding “Don’t Worry, Darling,” Olivia Wilde said that every aspect of her second directorial venture was a metaphor for a brewing social drama, apparently not realizing that the line between the tension surrounding the film’s promotion and the story of the screen is almost indistinguishable.

However, according to the Internet, something good can come out of all the scandal and speculation – a second part of the movie with Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde in the main roles, which will be called “Honey, Start Worrying”.

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