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Oliwia Bieniuk about her relationship with Martyna Gliwińska: “I can’t tell my dad to love those I LIKE”

The fact that Oliwia Bieniuk sooner or later it will be in a celebrity backyard, it could be expected for a long time. Despite her young age, she was a daughter Jarosław Bieniuk i Anna Przybylska takes bolder steps in show business, taking part in subsequent sessions, and even appearing in the first production – the short film “Director of Life”. It was only a matter of time before the 17-year-old appeared in a cover session for a widely read magazine, accompanied by extensive, honest interview.

As could be expected, a large part of the conversation with the journalist Vivy! it was necessarily dedicated to her the parent who died years ago. Among other things, Olivia revealed that, like her mother, she plans to go to drama school, which is why she has been going for some time polishes his acting technique. In addition, she remembered the traumatic moment when she found out about Ania’s death six years ago.

Natalia Siwiec on friendship with the daughter of Jarosław Bieniuk

Another topic that the interviewee absolutely wanted to raise with the teenager was the attitude of the girl to Bieniuk’s ex-partner, Martyna Gliwińska. Although the footballer has not been with the mother of his fourth child (currently dating an “entrepreneurial model”), the aspiring actress still has the former “stepmother” special liking.

I’ve always liked her – Olivia admitted. She was the first woman after her mother died. She stood on our side and looked after us. She even cooked dinner for us. We were close to each other, we went on vacation together. Everything changed when my dad broke up with Martyna. And I know I can’t tell him to love those I like. This is his life which I have not interfered with and I will not interfere. And I still like Martyna very much – she assured.


Bieniuk’s daughter also told about the day when her father told her that their family will grow. While at the beginning this information did not make Oliwka particularly optimistic, it changed over time.

When I found out about Kazik, I thought my dad was joking. He told me about it while on vacation in Hel. We were walking, we were laughing at something, dad was laughing because he’s a joker, so I thought he wasn’t serious. But when it turned out to be true, I got pissed off at first, but over time, I got over it. Especially that soon I will have my life and it is not known how it will turn out. And when Kazio is in our house, he gives us a lot of joy. A little child brings the atmosphere to life. Now he’s six months old. I’m curious about his growing up.

At the end, the 17-year-old revealed what character traits she dislikes the most about herself.

The most important thing is health and family happiness. And also to be kind to people. I don’t like jealousy the most. This is probably my worst flaw – she admitted.


Do you think that Bieniuk’s new girlfriend will manage to establish a bond with his children, like Gliwicka’s?



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