Olomouc University Hospital has significantly reduced planned care due to patients with covid Coronavirus Olomoucká Drbna

Due to the growing number of patients with covid, the Olomouc University Hospital has significantly reduced the planned care since today. This will affect surgery, for example. Doctors will only perform acute and urgent procedures, including oncological operations.

There were about a hundred coronavirus patients in the hospital at the end of last week, and their number is still increasing. They are cared for by doctors and nurses from all workplaces, who must gradually increase their bedside beds.

“It is very likely that in the next two weeks we will exceed the maximum number of hospitalized, which was reached at the peak of previous epidemic waves,” pointed out the director of the Olomouc University Hospital Roman Havlík. In addition, more than a hundred employees are ill.

Therefore, according to Havlík, the university hospital had to significantly reduce the planned care, especially surgical care. “This is due to the lack of intensive care beds, anesthesiology and intensive care teams. All of these have to deal with patients with covid. We will only perform acute and urgent procedures, including those on surgery that cannot withstand a longer delay.” Havlík stated on social networks.

The clinics lack staff, ambulances are limited

Last Friday, the Olomouc University Hospital had 94 standard beds available for patients with covid. On Saturday, she added another 20, which arose from the transformation of the department of the hospital for the long-term sick to II. internal clinic. “If this is not enough, the urology department of the Olomouc University Hospital will be transformed this week,” Havlík pointed out.

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Over the weekend, the hospital prepared another eight intensive care beds for coronavirus patients at the cardiac surgery clinic, a total of 42 of which is now available. Another can be added to the intensive care unit at II. internal clinic. “This would give us up to 50 intensive care beds for patients with covid,” said Havlík.

According to Havlík, the care of coronavirus-infected patients, the operation of the vaccination center, the administration of antibodies, the testing and operation of the infectious unit of the outpatient clinic significantly affect the operation of the entire hospital. The clinics lack staff and outpatient care had to be limited. Students and soldiers help in hospitals.

In the Olomouc Region, there was an increase in covidic infections on Tuesday, 1965, which is the most in the entire pandemic. The current record of 1516 cases was on October 27 last year. Hospitals in the region limit care, hygienists do not have time to trace, so the army, police and …


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