Olympics Bullying of Czech ones in Tokyo. They make fun of us, favorites are furious

Piroschka Of The Wouw, Reuters

“They’re making fun of us,” Barbora Krejčíková said when she learned indirectly from the tournament’s decision to open Wednesday’s program with partner Siniak thirty minutes after noon Japanese time on court number six.

“We close the complex at half past eight in the evening. And they will give us as the first match. I absolutely don’t understand. Before we get to the Olympic Village, we’re going to do some more regeneration, so we’ll go to bed well after midnight. And in the morning we have to be back among the first, “Kateřina Siniaková shook her head, while Krejčíková, dialed to the highest degree, went to the tournament headquarters to lobby for the postponement of the match.

Krejčíková and Siniaková, who were the most committed, managed to advance

Piroschka Of The Wouw, Reuters

“We are the most committed couple, but you can’t see it anywhere. Against the Spaniards, the leadership of the tournament shoved us onto a tucked-in court where there was no hawk’s eye. If it were, we probably didn’t have to go through a super tie-break at all, “Siniaková recalled the situation from the end of the second set, when the line judge judged the long ball as good.

Barbora Krejčíková (left) and Kateřina Siniaková disagree with the referee’s verdict during the round of 16.

Piroschka Of The Wouw, Reuters

“We are really unhappy with the way we are being treated. If it was the number one women’s or men’s singles, nothing like that would happen. After all, Bára played only a few hours before the doubles single. He completes three matches in twenty-four hours. It’s a very sad approach, “Siniak muttered.

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The Czech pair will compete for the semifinals with the Australian pair Bartyová, Sandersová. “A very difficult couple. Barty is the world number one single, Sanders is a very unpleasant left-hander. We will try to regenerate and win the semifinals as soon as possible, “Siniaková promised as she returned from the tournament headquarters with Barbora Krejčíková, who had not been taken.” worn veils evidently an even more disillusioned winner of the recent French Open.


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