Olympics, Sports | Norwegian sports are heading straight into a new Olympic tangle. You can not reuse facilities that do not exist

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(Northern Norwegian debate): – The time for the Olympics is hereit was on the screen Mina Gerhardsen appeared before the leadership meeting of the Norwegian Sports Confederation in Tromsø on Saturday.

Since November, Gerhardsen has led a committee that concludes that Norwegian sports are positive about undertaking to host the Winter Olympics. The most optimistic hope for 2030, the more sober believe for 2034 or 2038.

It’s hardly coincidental that the new Olympic flirtation took place in Tromsø. In the city that knows not just one, but on two occasions, has received the largest Olympic knife right in the back from the Norwegian sports power.

And much of this first track announcement for a new Norwegian Olympic application sounds like a nice sunshine story. The IOC is reportedly changing with both new ethics and new norms. The idea of ​​compact toys is abandoned. Norway can now both focus on reuse, and at the same time use the whole country.

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The combination of reuse and an Olympics throughout Norway was a standard phrase at the management meeting in Tromsø. But it seems like a very big and pretty obvious contradiction. It is not very easy to reuse facilities that do not exist.

The Norwegian IOC member Kristin Kloster Aasen could also tell the management meeting that the IOC’s concept is now based on an important premise. All facilities must be ready before applying. You can no longer apply, as before, and then expand the infrastructure.

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It sounds like a safe recipe for a Norwegian Olympics that are held in Oslo, Lillehammer and Trondheim. Norwegian sports will not be able to concentrate on it.

In addition, no one can host the Olympics without the host nation’s authorities guaranteeing the costs. The magic word is state guarantee.

The Sports Confederation can be pretty sure is that the current government and finance minister in Norway will not guarantee a penny for an event that clumps together in such an axis.

Maybe the Conservatives can do it sometime in the future, but it is highly uncertain whether Erna Solberg will embark on such a game of chance. As Prime Minister, she stopped Oslo in 2022, and will not hesitate to do so again if the Olympics trigger a bad localization battle.

Norwegian state budgets are also under strong pressure. And politically, it will almost be suicide to support sporting events that give even more nourishment to the great centrifugal force in Norwegian society, the migration of people towards central Eastern Norway from the rest of Norway.

Norwegian sports have large resources, but seems helpless in its political orientation. One has never understood much of the line of conflict between the center and the periphery, perhaps the most fundamental driving force in Norwegian society.

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It seems that one has neither read anything Stein Rokkan nor learned anything from Oslo 2022. If Norway is to host the Olympics at a time when all budgets are to be tightened, it must be about a deeper core than that we are good at making “folk parties”, which Mina Gerhardsen highlighted as a distinctive Norwegian quality.

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If to spread an Olympics in several regions, you also have to spend money and build some new national facilities. Only in this way can, for example, ice hockey become a national sport in Norway. There is currently not a single ice rink north of Trondheim.

Without the will to do anything about this, it will go with the new Olympic dream like the previous ones. It is crushed to pieces by public opinion long before it comes out of the starting block. There will be no new Olympics in Norway without Northern Norway and the districts on the team.

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