Olympics USA – CR 119: 84, The high loss to the Americans took away the basketball players’ theoretical hope for the quarterfinals

Charlie Neibergall, ČTK / AP

The Czech team knew that to be sure of the process, they would have to cope with an ultra sensation in the form of a win. But even a close defeat would leave him alive. The national team started without undue respect and bravely finished, so after three minutes they led 9: 2, when they started shooting and benefited from an excellent defensive rebound. It forced the Americans to switch to a higher gear, but they encountered great determination from Czech basketball players.

When Schilb put two threes in a row, it meant a sensational state of 21:12, but the opponent’s response was immediate. He started firing from every position and tried to catch up with the Czech players on the board. The first quarter was not only the result for the coach Ginzburg’s charges, which were based on tactics based on teamwork. But the United States quickly showed our strength.

Jayson Tatum fights for the ball with Jan Veselý

Charlie Neibergall, ČTK / AP

After a quarter of an hour, thanks to their seventh trio, they took the lead for the first time in the match, while their shooting from a distance was controlled by three-time best NBA gunner Durant. With a ten-point line, the opponent turned the score up to 33:39 from the point of view of the national team, which did not have a chance to play one-on-one against the stars of the best league in the world. But if he was able to play a combination and help himself in defense and attack, he managed to push under the basket.

From the third quarter onwards, the Americans took over the baton of the match, along with Durant, Holiday, the support of the championship Milwaukee and Satoransky’s teammate from the LaVine club, also began to shine. Opponents were not only threes (20 out of 42 attempts), but also raids under the basket, because the Czech defense fell and the number of Czech losses of the ball increased to fifteen.

Damian Lillard in a duel with Martin Peterka

Eric Gay, ČTK / AP

The national team collected thirty-five points in this part, which started to lose its real chance of a quarter-final promotion. Nine minutes before the end it was 60:84 and the difference in score, despite the desperate efforts of the representatives, only widened. The Boston Tatum also found a significant shooting comfort, on the Czech side no one was able to assert itself like this. Evidently, there was a shortage of forces, in the second half in total, the representatives allowed the Americans to score 72 points, and that was the stumbling block.

Olympic Basketball Tournament – Group A
Czechia-USA 84:119
Most points: Schilb 17, Balvín 15, Veselý 13, Satoranský 12, Palyza and Jelínek after 7 – Date 27, Durant 23, LaVine 13, Holiday 11, McGee 10. Referee Glišič (Srb.), Mazzoni (It.), Maloová (Kan.), Free throws 13/8: 12/9, threesomes 8:20, quarters 25:18, 18:29, 17:35, 24:37.


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