OM: Majority of Schilderswijk detainees come from another district or city | NOW

Most of the detainees who were arrested during riots in the Schilderswijk in The Hague during the night from Friday to Saturday, did not come from the neighborhood. They came from other neighborhoods in The Hague or even other cities, such as Rotterdam. There were also rioters from Belgium.

The Public Prosecution Service confirmed this to on Saturday. Photos of rioters who came to the Schilderswijk with cars from other cities to stir up unrest were already circulating on social media.

Of the 29 detainees who were arrested, 24 were released on Saturday afternoon. They have received a behavioral order and are not allowed to be in the Schilderswijk for ninety days. Anyone who violates the conditions runs the risk of a hefty prison sentence.

A number of suspects were arrested for violating the emergency warrant. Arrests have also been committed for open violence, sedition, insult and threats. Six scooters have also been seized.

Rioters threw heavy fireworks at the police

The emergency order was in force on the Vaillantlaan and the Hoefkade. In the course of the evening about fifty young people gathered. Police made the first arrests after the group did not listen when it was expelled. During the night, small groups of young people remained.

At one point, the youngsters threw stones and heavy fireworks at the officers present. Police also report that a sports and game equipment kiosk has been set on fire. The fire brigade received help from the Mobile Unit (ME) to put out the fire.

It has been restless in the Schilderswijk for days

It has been restless in the Schilderswijk for days. That is why on Friday evening, neighborhood prevention teams, youth workers, neighborhood fathers and community police officers were on the street to talk to the young people.

In the night from Thursday to Friday, an emergency order also applied. That night, twenty youths were arrested for incitement, insult, open violence, disregard of the emergency warrant and assault on a cop.


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