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Chaparro’s diverse talents can lead him down a variety of paths in an entertainment career. But the Mexican superstar is adding one more title to his repertoire: that of Pokémon Trainer. On his Twitter account, the actor posted: This game is called “Find the Chaparro”, unleashing hundreds of congratulations from fans, who applauded his foray into Hollywood through this film that is based on the popular video game from Nintendo. But when I stepped on set and tried to be Pedro, it was more complicated than I thought it would be … Although when I saw people crying on set with me, I knew we had done the right thing. “Omar Chaparro Detective Pikachu The comedian shared Through their social networks the new trailer for the live action film of Pokémon. The second trailer for Detective Pikachu became a trend, but not because the legendary and powerful “Mewtwo” was revealed for the first time in the plot, but because Omar Chaparro appears as “Sebastian”, the trainer of a colossal Pokémon named “Charizard.” A few hours ago Reynolds himself posted a video where he humorously explains that he sought to lose weight, crouch down to catch up with the electric rodent, even , he “got into” so much in character that he did not go to school for his daughters since Pikachu does not know who they are. Mexican actor Omar Chaparro, who does not stop shooting and premiering, is one of the interpreters of the family comedy “P okémon: Detective Pikachu “, where he plays a noisy and funny millionaire who organizes illegal Pokémon fights. The second trailer for Warner Bros. published the second trailer for Pokémon: Detective Pikachu and a familiar face for the Mexican entertainment community has a brief cameo in the new trailer for the first Hollywood live action film based on the global phenomenon: ¿¡¡ Omar Chaparro !? I missed you! “Omar Chaparro MORE: Omar Chaparro was about to refuse to play Pedro Infante.” I thought it would be easy, “he says. He’s like the Elvis of Mexico.” Before filming, Chaparro didn’t know much about Pokémon, but Emiliano, his 14-year-old son, did. In fact, Chaparro himself thanked his audience who began to create memes of his participation. ! ”; “And all this time you have had a Charizard and you haven’t told us anything? I suggested that they put on some sunglasses and (painted) nails. “They were doing my eyelashes, (painting) my nails and my hair,” he jokes. “I don’t care if it’s a comedy or not, (acting) is a passion for me.” He was my idol since I was a child, “says Chaparro. Regarding his character, it is only known that he will play a pokémon trainer named Sebastian and yes, he has a Charizard! “I do imitations of him. All Rights Reserved @ Televisa SA de CV TELEVISA and the TELEVISA logo are registered trademarks. Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster. And whatever happens, it is clear that Chaparro is passionate about his work. Blessings”; “You are a Pokemooooooooon master !!!! Dear readers, did you manage to identify all the pokémon that appear in the new trailer? appears as “Sebastian”, the trainer of a colossal Pokémon named “Charizard”.

“I try to be in every casting audition for the movies,” he says. But he has a soft spot for one in particular, which he prefers over the rest. His English is pretty good, however.

MORE: Omar Chaparro was about to refuse to play Pedro Infante. Along with the trailer, Warner Bros. studios showed the new poster where they make many references to this franchise and in which they take the opportunity to show famous Pokémon such as: Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Psyduck, Squirtle, Aipom, Charizard, Mr. Very happy to share with you the new trailer for #DetectivePikachu premiere on May 10, – Omar Chaparro (@OMARCHAPARRO) February 26, 2019. With more than 10 million followers on social networks, you will always find a lots of fans behind him wherever he goes. Mime, Loudred, Snorlax, Treecko, Hoothoot, and Caterpie. Actor. Omar Chaparro is the fun, charismatic type of person who yells at you “Where were you? But still open!” I can’t imagine my life without that “when he is reconnected after a failed call.

Sebastian’s partner in the film is Charizard, a large dragon-like creature. Chaparro’s character loves his comrade so much that he even has a giant tattoo of the Flame Pokémon engraved on his chest.

All rights reserved. The star of movies like “Show Dogs,” “Stuck” and “No Manches Frida” plays Sebastián, a trainer on a clandestine battlefield, in “Pokémon Detective Pikachu,” which will premiere on Friday, May 10., – Antonio NoMe de Bris (@Antoniosaiyajin) February 26, 2019,, On Sunday: ‘Do not criticize Yalitza it is a pride to see Mexicans triumphing in Hollywood, crabs ‘, Today:’ Arrrrgh what Omar Chaparro does in my pokemons that disgusts that he comes out in that movie naco horrendo ‘, I envy @ OMARCHAPARRO so much … He has fulfilled one of my dreams:’ v CvYwoL8CUM, – Monty Burns (@Sir_Poker_Yayo) February 27, 2019. “He’s a huge fan of the Pokémon world,” he says. Given this, the response of the people has not been long in coming on social networks. “My English is a bit rusty,” he says. “There is no dream so big or dreamer so small” Sebastian and yes, he has a Charizard #Pokemon #detectivepikachu #Movie #Coming soon # PasiónYPaciencia 11/26/1974 (45 years old) JC Olivera / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images I always want to do more. “Chaparro has several tattoos in real life, but none are dedicated to Pokémon, so he had to go through about an hour to an hour and a half in the makeup area. “He taught me things like that before Charizard is a full Pokémon, it is a Charmander and a Charmeleon. “He’s a very loud guy, a little crazy,” he says. He was a little more excited than I was. “” He’s a huge fan of the Pokémon world, “he says. It became a trend, but not because the legendary and powerful” Mewtwo “was first revealed in the plot, but because” I’m in a point in my life where the film industry is now in my blood, “he says. Before filming, Chaparro did not know much about Pokémon, but Emiliano, his 14-year-old son, did. As an actor, comedian, television presenter, personality He brings his energy and charm through a variety of platforms. Detective Pikachu revolves around the mysterious disappearance of Agent “Harry Goodman,” which forces his son “Tim” to find out what happened, but He will not do it alone since his father’s ex-partner, Detective Pikachu, will be his ally to walk the streets of Ryme City and find out what happened.? ”, read among the comments posted. He receives 12 editions a year in print version and digital. But for now, they are living his adventures while playing legendary Mexican actor and singer, Pedro Infante, in the upcoming Netflix movie “Como Caído del Cielo.” “But since I also want to be an actor in the United States, I am learning, although my wife speaks to me in Spanish all the time.” The comedian turned actor, singer, composer, among other benefits, shared the preview of the feature film, which will hit theaters on May 10, through his official Twitter account.
The film is directed by Rob Letterman, known for animated and live action films for the whole family such as El Espanta Tiburones (2004), Monsters vs Aliens (2009) and Chills (2015), and has a script written by Alex Hirsch (creator from the animated series Gravity Falls) and Nicole Perlman (co-writer of Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel). Receive the best movie news, series, trailers and reviews. For fans and new trainers alike, the movie “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” is full of reasons to get more excited about the Pokemon universe. After almost 35 years, here I am acting like him. Omar Chaparro has a Charizard and that’s how people reacted. Detective Pikachu – Pokémon [Blu-ray]: Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, Suki Waterhouse, Omar Chaparro, Rob Letterman: Movies & TV Join Patreon and receive other benefits! “The first time I saw him was in one of his movies when I was 7 years old. Ryme City, Best City. He plays legendary Mexican actor and singer, Pedro Infante, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy.” Director Rob Letterman maintained a open mind with me, “explains Chaparro.” I screamed when I saw you with Charizard “;” The best in the world !!! Case closed. Deadline had reported in mid-April 2018 that Omar Chaparro had joined the cast of the production of Legendary and Universal Pictures comprised of Ryan Reynolds, Ken Watanabe, Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, Bill Nighy, Chris Geere, Rita Ora and Suki Waterhouse.

Omar Chaparro. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is expected to hit theaters in Mexico in May 2019. For the 44-year-old actor, becoming the classic icon of Mexican entertainment is not what he thought it would be. © 2020 If you already have a Patreon account Access here, Editor | I write about film, television and anime in Cinema PREMIERE, all the pokémon that appear in the new trailer. A post shared by POKÉMON Detective Pikachu (@detectivepikachumovie) on Feb 26, 2019 at 8:30 PST. The publication of the actor – who will also give life to the icon of the golden age of Mexican cinema, Pedro Infante, in the Netflix original film Como fallen from the sky – generated all kinds of reactions on social networks from criticism, funny comments and even, accusations of double standards among users of social networks regarding the participation and success of Mexican actors in Hollywood productions. SPECIAL.- Omar Chaparro became a trend in social networks after the new trailer for the film Detective Pikachu was released, because to the surprise of netizens, the actor is part of the cast of the film that will be released on May 10 . “He taught me things like that before Charizard is a full Pokémon, it is a Charmander and a Charmeleon. I didn’t like the feel of the glue, because it was a big sticker on my chest.” But supporting the adhesive was only a small part. of the role in the motion picture tape, and that did not affect his experience. All of Mexico (or at least Pokemon fans) when they saw Omar Chaparro in the new Detective Pikachu trailer.

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