OMG! Justin Bieber tattooed his face for the sake of Hailey Baldwin

the Canadian musician It has been characterized by its extravagant tattoos, but what surprised his thousands of following is that this time he has drawn his face in honor of his future wife in his body.

The news was known through the designer who made the tattoo, Keith McCurdy of study Bang Bang, He said that the artist has marked his skin in the company of his future wife Hailey Baldwin

According to his followers, this new design on his skin would be a homage to love who currently live and who surprised hundreds of followers

"The two have a tattoo Justin It's on my face and I have not seen any still visible photographs, so it must be manufacture good I work trying to go unnoticed. In reality, yours is very delicate and small. And they did not do the typical tattoo of couples… But I do not want to reveal too much until it is public domain " the graphic artist told an American media.

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