Omicron warning to expectant mothers who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19

Critical Omicron warning to expectant mothers!

prof. Dr. In his written statement, Buyru stated that while the new variant of the coronavirus, Omicron, continues to climb all over the world and in Turkey, it generally causes upper respiratory tract infections and that most people with full-dose vaccines have mild symptoms.

Pointing out that the positivity of coronavirus test in pregnant women is increasing day by day, Buyru emphasized that the disease can be severe due to reasons such as being unvaccinated, suppressed immunity due to pregnancy, and decreased lung capacity, especially in the later weeks.

“Unfortunately, the disease and the rate of catching the disease in pregnant women increased compared to previous periods,” said Buyru.


prof. Dr. Emphasizing that Omicron is very easily transmitted, Buru gave the following information: “The difference of the Omicron variant from previous strains is that it can be transmitted even with a short stay in the room. In other words, it can be transmitted very easily after a short contact with someone who is sick. We know that Omicron is milder in the community. It is more like an upper respiratory tract infection. This situation is also due to the protective effect of the vaccine. We see that it is not that mild in unvaccinated patients, and that most of the positive patients hospitalized are unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated. This is also true for pregnant women. Those who are fully vaccinated provide adequate protection, either they do not get sick or they can survive the disease as an extremely mild upper respiratory tract infection. But those who are not vaccinated or who do not have the vaccine fully can have a severe illness.”


Stating that the vaccination rate of pregnant women is low in the society, Buyru said: “Now, it is possible to talk about a 70 percent vaccination rate in the society. For example, I know the figures in the United States of America, half of the population. I am afraid of this vaccine or I get the vaccine after pregnancy. Things that come out as a result of false beliefs such as: But not being vaccinated and delaying can cause negative effects on both the pregnant woman and the baby. When she has an illness during pregnancy, the woman is adversely affected. Respiratory problems may occur. The need for hospitalization and intensive care increases. The disease progresses more fatally. The baby is adversely affected. “The risk of premature birth and developmental delay is higher in the children of mothers who have coronavirus infection. The need for intensive care is also… That’s why every pregnant woman whose time has come to protect the mother and the baby should be vaccinated.”

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Emphasizing that the only way to be protected from Omicron is to take all precautions, Buyru reported that the rate of hospitalization is higher in unvaccinated and those who did not receive the full dose of vaccine.

Buyru said, “Any belief that the disease will pass easily, I should not get vaccinated would be extremely misleading. Under all circumstances, they must be vaccinated and pay attention to other protection measures. In addition, attention should be paid to distance, masks should be used properly. The room should be ventilated, avoid crowded environments. “We need to stay away from it as much as possible. Attention should be paid to hand hygiene. We need to take all these precautions together. So doing one is a savior, it is not enough.”


Noting that mRNA vaccines can be safely administered at any stage of pregnancy, Buyru explained that the vaccine can be used extremely safely during pregnancy as well as in women trying to conceive.

Buyru said, “In the early periods, a false belief was put forward that the vaccine had a sterile effect on both men and women. However, in the studies conducted on both men and women who received IVF treatment, it was observed that the vaccine did not have any negative effects. Again, in vitro fertilization studies and studies conducted in pregnant women “It has been revealed as a result of studies on hundreds of thousands of pregnant women that there is no negative effect on the baby or an anomaly-forming effect on the baby during or after birth. Therefore, we recommend that all pregnant women and women trying to conceive have the vaccine vaccinated.”

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Stating that the studies revealed that the coronavirus negatively affects the reproductive functions of both women and men, Buyru stated that fertility may be adversely affected if the vaccine is not vaccinated and the disease is caught.


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