Omnifiber, the intelligent fiber sensitive to user movements

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created an intelligent fiber that responds to the movement of its wearer.

Textile is one of the oldest international markets and OmniFiber stands out in the training clothing sector. It is not easy to adapt the textile evolution to the field of clothing. True, projects have tried to bring clothing into the modern era, but these have not been particularly successful.

The remarkable abilities of the Omnifiber

This soft robotic fabric features a hollow central channel that allows fluid to pass through it. The fibers can bend, stretch, rewind and pulsate on demand thanks to its compressed air structure. This makes it possible to provide real-time tactile feedback, which brings them closer to an artificial muscle.

MIT has already discussed the artificial muscle fiber system. The OmniFiber sets itself apart, however, by the fact that it does not no need for heat to change the forestme. This makes it more convenient, because the body temperature is not a problem.

The industrial advantages of this revolutionary material

It is possible to manufacture with relatively inexpensive materials. The manufacture of these fibers does not go through delicate weaving processes.

The team plans to impose it on the clothing market to help teach athletes and singers how better control their breathing. An OmniFiber garment can also help a person recover your natural breathing pattern after respiratory illness.

OmniFiber will not be available on the market anytime soon. This does not mean that the project is not yet finished; it is well and truly finished. Ozgun Kilic Afsar, one of the MIT researchers, however, plans to continue working on this system. He wants create even longer filaments than those already created.

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