On a chic birthday, a group of celebrities: Viktorija and Laurynas Suodaičiai also shone

The list of the best Lithuanian restaurants, the restaurant Momo Grill, which previously operated only in Klaipėda and Kaunas, opens its doors in Vilnius every year. On Totorių Street opened last summer. Although the long-standing quarantine has severely limited the restaurant’s ability to receive guests, Momo Grill Vilnius“It still soon gained popularity among the residents of the capital and visitors to the city.

“My mother used to say that when guests come, they need to lay the most beautiful tablecloths, take care of the best dishes and make the most delicious dishes. Today, we will do just that – as always, welcoming our restaurant guests, ”Vytautas Samanavičius, the restaurant owner, wished the birthday guests of Momo Grill Vilnius a good evening, the press release said.

A number of celebrities sat at the festive dinner tables prepared for the special evening by the decorators MAMin Flower Studio. Among them is the star of social networks Victoria Siegel-Suoditė with her husband Laurynas Sodasitis, businessmen Daina and Antanas Bosai, representatives of the music business Neringa Zeleniūtė and Martynas Tyla, communication specialist Saugirdas Vaitulionis, model Simona Starkutė, designer Robert Kalinkin, social networking stars and photographers Naglis Bierancas and Lukas Gricius, radio and television presenter Ieva Stasiulevičiūtė, a representative of the beauty industry Kęstutis Rimdžius and other.

As in other cities, the capital’s restaurant also invites guests to sample top-class grilled dishes made with only the highest quality ingredients.

On the evening of Momo Grill Vilnius’ birthday, the dishes were prepared for the guests by the chefs of restaurants operating in all three cities, thus reflecting the general spirit of Momo Grill – Valdas Anusevičius, who creates in Klaipėda, Donatas Lukoševičius, the chef of Kaunas restaurant and restaurant in Vilnius kitchen master Artūras Naujokas.

During the evening, V. Samanavičius, the founder of all Momo Grill restaurants, prepared a special dish – he served scallops with nduja, corn puree and sea buckthorn to the gathered guests, combining a wide palette of sweet, salty and sour flavors in one dish.

In total, during the festive evening, the invited guests had a six-course tasting dinner. After tasting the palate with a luxurious snack – burnt leeks with smoked eel, grapes and fish broth sauce, he continued the gourmet experience by tasting matured beef tartare, scallops, veal tenderloin and veal shrimp, grilled octopus, potatoes and chorizo, potatoes and chorizo. sauce, as well as venison loins with cauliflower and truffles.

The most delicious dishes in the restaurant “Momo Grill Vilnius” were tasted by guests who follow the principles of vegetarian diet – the chefs pampered their recipes with burnt leeks with grapes and honey vinegar, beet hood with potato straw, dried carrot and bulgur duet, grilled pumpkin and pumpkin roasted pumpkin delicacy – grilled tomato with raspberries and sesame cream, a combination of portable mushroom and spinach and a game of unexpected flavors – fresh, pepper-flavored berries.

The gala dinner was crowned with a heavenly dessert – a homemade cheesecake, and celebrity applause from the chefs.

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