On its site, Dyson offers -40% on its excellent cordless vacuums 🔥

The myth of the cordless vacuum goes far beyond simple housekeeping. It is a prestigious object which is a symbol in a home. Before Christmas, these are products that flow very well even without any discount.

So when Dyson announces reductions through its official website, the enthusiasm of the general public is real. In a few hours, several models of its cordless and bagless vacuum cleaners disappeared from its catalog. Below you can see the pending discounts with stock status.

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Some discounts on the Dyson Store:

As you can see from the list above, all Dyson vacuums have varying discounts. This is an exception because the brand is not very fond of discounts. Except at the time of Black Friday each year, it never reduces its prices. She prefers to keep her premium image rather than selling off her items.

In other words, Black Friday is the only time of the year when you can take advantage of such discounts on the Dyson brand. This applies to its stick vacuum cleaners as well as the sled models, its lamps or its air purifiers. A page dedicated to all offers is available on the official store. Resellers are not allowed to touch brand discounts.

How to choose between Dyson vacuums?

Approximately every two years, the British brand unveils a new model of its cordless stick vacuum cleaner. Each time it’s an update of the previous model with some new features and more power. Dyson wants to show that he is the benchmark in innovation and he proves it every time he releases a model.

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The latest Dyson vacuum cleaner model is the V15 Detect and it was introduced a few months ago. It is a vacuum cleaner with a green laser (visible) which will help you detect all dust without exception. It is also 30% more powerful than its predecessor and it provides 40 minutes of battery life. Right now, as part of Black Friday, it is priced at 699 euros and it also includes a non-wall mount worth 125 euros. It is our favorite.

Unfortunately, this remains the latest model of Dyson vacuum cleaner and is therefore relatively expensive. If you go to older models, the price can drop quickly. With the black friday discounts, there is even a way to save between 30 and 40% on the first models. For example, the Dyson V7 Motorhead is $ 219 instead of $ 329. This is the cheapest price ever on the market for a Dyson vacuum.

The Dyson V7 is the oldest model still in circulation in the Dyson catalog. It remains very good at all levels and the design is almost the same as on the latest models (the V15 Detect has a color LCD screen for example). In terms of autonomy, it lasts about 30 minutes. However, its power is significantly lower than on the most recent models.

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We would therefore rather advise you to go on a V8 or even the V10 Animal. The Dyson V8 Total Clean comes with a nice reduction and thus falls below 300 euros. In the end, you have a cordless, bagless vacuum that is 30% more efficient than the V7 and it has almost 10 minutes more battery life. It’s a great choice and will last for years without any problems.

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Dyson surprises this Black Friday

Last year, Dyson was nowhere near as generous as it was for Black Friday. So you have a unique opportunity to save money on its entire catalog. We have never seen a better price on its range, so you are guaranteed to get a good deal. Some models are displayed in pre-order: it is simply to inform you about the products will be delivered with a few days of delay.

But it also mainly means that stocks of these Dyson vacuum cleaners are low. We must therefore hurry to grab the few units that are still displayed on the official store. In any case, the merchant then offers you a period of 30 days during which you can completely withdraw. It goes beyond Christmas (it is the delivery day that counts), which allows you to offer it and return it after if necessary.

By opting for a Dyson vacuum cleaner, the English brand also gives you a 2-year warranty on the product. It is convinced of the reliability of its products, so it offers assurance on the technical part. You can read the customer feedback on its official website, they are overwhelmingly positive. If it has managed to have such a strong brand, it is thanks to the reliability of its devices. You will last without any problem for years without experiencing a drop in performance.

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