ON-LINE: 11,452 new infections have been added, and the number of hospitalizations is still declining

12:03 -V Hungary Every citizen can get a fourth dose of the covid-19 vaccine after consulting their GP. This was stated on Thursday by the head of the Hungarian government office, Gergely Gulyás.

10:37 – On Slovakia recorded 2848 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection. 47 infected people died. There are 1915 patients in hospitals with confirmed covid-19, of which 395 in the ICU and 196 in pulmonary ventilation. Since the onset of the pandemic, 872,511 people have tested positive and 17,128 have died of coronavirus. 2,766,278 people were vaccinated with the first dose, of whom 2,615,709 received the second dose. Over a million Slovaks have already received the third dose.

9:20 -V Hungary recorded 9216 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection. 81 infected died. There are 2647 patients with covid in the hospitals, of which 249 are connected to artificial lung ventilation. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 1,318,093 people have been tested positive in the country and 40,164 have died. The third dose of the vaccine was given to 3,306,370 people.

9:00Australia reports a record more than 147,000 new cases of coronavirus infection to date. The rapid spread of the omicron variant is also increasing the number of hospitalized, Reuters reported. At the same time, the Australian authorities are being forced to release quarantine measures for more and more groups of workers as the pandemic disrupts supply chains.

06:04Germany in the last day, it recorded 81,417 new cases of coronavirus infection, which is the highest value so far. The Robert Koch Institute informed about it.

05:35 – During Wednesday, 18 people died in connection with coronavirus in the Czech Republic. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 36,765 people have been infected.

05:21 – On Wednesday, 61,350 PCR tests and 16,560 antigen tests were performed in the Czech Republic.

05:19 – The seven-day incidence, ie the number of infected in the weekly monitoring period, is 478 infected per 100,000 inhabitants in the Czech Republic.

05:16 – The worst situation in the number of infected is currently in Prague-West, where in the weekly monitoring period there are 971.86 infected per 100 thousand inhabitants. In second place is Prague (931.7), followed by Prague-East (827.25) and Ústí nad Labem (651.49).

05:13 – There are currently 2046 infected in Czech hospitals, of which 378 are in serious condition. However, the number of hospitalized decreased by 803 patients compared to the previous week and there are also fewer patients in severe condition.

05:03 – There are 11,452 new coronavirus infections in the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Health said on its website.

04:56Denmark despite the spread of omicron and the increasing number of infected, with over 20,000 infected a day, it relaxes the measure. Zoos, theme parks, museums, art halls and other facilities can reopen from Sunday, as can cinemas and theaters. The limit is only 500 visitors. However, people need to prove that they have been vaccinated or recovered from the disease in the last 180 days, or have a negative test.

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