News ON-LINE: The daily increase in those infected is again...

ON-LINE: The daily increase in those infected is again a record high

6:43 – V India more than five million people have been infected with coronavirus, and more than 82,000 have died with covid-19. After the USA, it is only the second country in which over five million people have become infected.

6:38 – V Germany there were more confirmed cases of the disease on Tuesday 1901. It is most since August 22, informed the Robert Koch Institute. Six more people died with covid-19, and the overall death toll rose to 9,368.

6:09 – The daily increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic is again a record after three days. On Tuesday, 1,677 more were infected. Of the 38,896 confirmed cases, 15,807 people are currently infected. The course of the disease is mostly mild or asymptomatic, with covid-19 according to the data as of Monday, there were 333 people in the hospital, 78 of them were in a serious condition.

More than 22,500 of those infected recovered from the disease and 476 people with covid-19 died. There were six deaths on Tuesday and 30 in the past week. Health Ministry statistics include the deaths of all people who tested positive for coronavirus, regardless of the cause of death.

6:03 – V Brazil 1,113 patients with covid-19 died last day, the most since September 2, when 1,184 new deaths were added to the country. Coronavirus was newly detected in 36,653 people. In the country, 4,382,263 people have been infected with coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, and 133,119 have died from the disease.

6:01 – Today, after a week, the German authorities will update the list of high-risk countries to which they included Prague last Wednesday due to the rapid increase in those infected. Given the current unfavorable situation in the Czech Republic, it is possible that other regions will be added to the areas that Germany considers to be risky.


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