On Mother’s Day, the singer Ieva Narkutė had her second offspring: she chose the name of Greek origin

Mertaite was given the name Elena by a couple, who is descended from Greece.

“Our hearts are bursting with love and head for our family, because Elena was on Mother’s Day. Welcome, Elena! May the world be beautiful and good to you, daughter.

And we, in turn, once again send our biggest thanks to the 2nd maternity ward of Vilnius City Clinical Hospital. We are here for the second time and again only the best feelings are left by everyone who works here. It is easy to feel such a concern almost as if you were in a spa and not in a hospital.

Thanks to the head of the department R. Daunoravičius, Dr. A. Miklaševičienė, Dr. G. Šukienė, midwives Gitana and Monika and everyone we met and will agree here. Neither pregnancy nor childbirth is a disease in itself, but, mothers, we know very well how much effort it takes.

It is therefore very important that each of us receives not only professional care, but also a warm human connection, a joke at the right time, or a tougher word when needed. For the second time, I am accompanied by a unique doctor. V. Navickienė, with whom our messenger correspondence may not always look very pro, but always works only positively, so kiss her!

Welcome, Moms! Be greeted by those who bring people into the world in birthplaces, operating rooms, or anywhere else. Be waiting and loved, children all over the world, ”Ieva shared the good news with her fans on the social network.

The singer talked about what she was waiting for at the end of the 2020s.

“Fulfillment Action 2021. Or Miracle 2.0. It’s so much news from me,” the singer flicked shortly next to the photo she posed for before the performance at the TV concert Fulfillment Action.

The first offspring, daughter Ona Ieva and her husband Mindaugas Šeduikis were born in November 2016. The famous singer married her beloved in September 2015.

Eve and Mindaugas, a younger soldier of the year, had been acquainted for a long time, they were connected by a friendly relationship. Closer to the wedding, the couple befriended for about a year.

For the most important day of life, the bride adorned the traditional white brand “St. Patrick’s dress.

After the wedding, Eve chose a double last name. Young people invited over 30 closest people and friends to their celebration.

After the ceremony in the church, the celebration moved to the European Park in Vilnius district.

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