On Saturday they would announce the eighth petrol reduction and the diesel sixth: La Tribuna.hn


The different players in the fuel marketing chain agree that Saturday the Energy Secretary would issue the eighth consecutive reduction for petrol and the sixth for diesel, effective for Monday from 6:00 am.

However, the government, importers and distributors were waiting for the 175th Ministerial Conference of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in Vienna, Austria, which closed without agreement on the planned production cut, which is subject to a pact with allied countries not members of the group, with Russia in the lead.

OPEC ministers met behind closed doors for around six hours in order to reach a consensus on a measure to stabilize prices, which have been declining for about two months.

In the end, a spokesperson for the organization announced that the negotiations will continue today. According to the statements of the delegates before the start of the conference, the partners are in favor of cutting supplies, but ask that their allies, in particular Russia, adhere to this painful measure.


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