World On Sunday we all lose an hour of sleep...

On Sunday we all lose an hour of sleep science

Attention late risers, summer time is coming! Our night’s rest will be shortened on Sunday. The clocks are turned from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m.

“Who turned the clock? Is it really that late?” – The famous lines from the credits for the cartoon series “The Pink Panther” will slip on the lips of many Austrians on Sunday, March 29th.

At night, more precisely at 2 a.m., all clocks in the country are set back one hour (to 3 a.m.). Summer time is here. It will be light in the coming months, but it will be dark later in the evening.

Therefore there is the time change: Austria has been turning the clock in spring and autumn since 1980. Originally it was about better energy use: In the evening, it makes it brighter for an hour longer. In summer, people turn on the lights less frequently in the evening. There is more heating in the morning hours in spring and autumn, because the sun rises later in summer. Then as now, the time change has many critics.

The change “we” lose an hour of sleep, which can also have consequences for our organism. It can take up to a week for us to get used to the new rhythm. You can find out which simple trick you can use to bypass the disturbance of the sleep rhythm in the video below:

The next time change will take place on October 25th. Then the clocks are turned back by an hour and we can sleep for exactly this hour.

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