On the 29th, CJ OnStyle Plus, Chef Haim’s UVC large-capacity tableware sterilizer and dryer will be broadcast on home shopping.

Chef Heim, a brand specializing in household appliances, announced that the new UVC large-capacity tableware sterilization dryer WDD-3300, released this year, will be broadcast on CJ OnStyle Plus Channel from 5:15 am on the 29th for 30 minutes.

Chef Heim’s new dish sterilizer WDD-3300 has a premium design that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen and is a 70L large capacity dish dryer that can store baby bottles, chopping boards, and large pumping pots. It can be stored easily, reflecting the user’s convenience.

In addition, by applying UVC LED, double sterilization care is possible with high-temperature hot air drying.

An official from Chef Haim emphasized, “In order to prevent food poisoning in autumn and winter, managing ingredients is the most important, but hygiene management of tableware and kitchen tools that contain and cook food is also important.”

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