On the anniversary of the birth of Lawrence of Arabia … witness Omar Sharif admits the reasons for encouraging Al Ahly

Today, Friday, is the birthday of the late artist Omar Sharif, “Lawrence of Arabia”, who was loved by millions and became the dream boy of girls. He became famous for his talent and films until he reached the world, and the world honored him in international festivals.

The late international artist Omar Sharif, when they were asking him: “Why are you welcome?” Mostly, the stars hide their football affiliation in order not to lose part of their mass.

In a television interview, the international artist replied to a question during an interview with him about his football affiliation, saying, “I want, of course, I want to understand what mentality the one who gave up is born remains Zamalkawi? Why? Mutually like the rest of the world is welcome?“.

He emphasized that he would be happy after his favorite team, Al-Ahly, won a “red sweet need.”

Omar Sharif said that his relationship with Saleh Selim was very old before he entered the artistic field, and they maintained a strong family and friendship relationship, explaining that Saleh Selim made him love football and encourages Al-Ahly club, and that his son Tariq was raised with the children of Salim, Khaled and Hisham..

Al-Sharif indicated that when he traveled abroad, Salim was traveling to him, and he had always seen him in France, and the relationship between them remained and they did not separate.

Maestro Saleh Selim said that his relationship with the artist Ahmed Ramzy started from the elementary stage, where he was a fellow in the Orman School. Dr. Bayoumi, the father of Ahmed Ramzy, was a friend of Saleh Selim’s father since they were both in England studying there. They play soccer at school with school activity.

Selim added during the rare radio dialogue that he had, that the artist Ahmed Ramzy moved to another school from “Victoria College” to the Saadiyya School, and from there Ahmed Ramzy got to know Omar Sharif, and after that I knew the other, Omar Sharif, and we became the three friends and this relationship intensified after Long period of struggle and work.


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