On the Day of the Pride, the secretary of Transportation of buenos aires showed the discriminatory messages that you receive on social networks because of their sexual orientation

The video lasts almost two minutes and has over 16 thousand views. While staring at the camera, the Secretary of Transportation and Public Works of the city of Buenos Aires, “Juanjo” Mendez, took advantage of the Day of the Pride to share with your followers a reflection about the discriminatory comments that he receives because of his sexual orientation.

“By messages and situations such as these, today we celebrate and commemorate the International Day of the Pride LGBTI+”, starts the message, the official buenos aires. What follows after is a spate of news that expose various acts of homophobia and violence against sexual minorities. From a report of the leading Sebastian Vega, who said that at some time thought of retiring because he felt that his sexuality and his profession were not going hand-in-hand, passing by an attack homophobic in Palermo and Villa Urquiza; until the travesticidio of a woman in The Killing. “He was shot 8 times and didn’t stole nothing,” the note said.

After, Mendez shared some of the responses that you often receive in your Twitter account: many are the insults that revolve around their sexual choice. “I am proud to be who I am. Pride means that no person should be ashamed of who he is, what he feels and whom he loves. Pride is the basis that every person has the right to be who he is. Is to answer from the encounter, the love, the dignity, all the discrimination, exclusion and violence that goes with the heteronormativity. From our place let’s keep speaking out for our rights to be respected in every corner of the planet. Never more a person is raped or excluded by their gender identity or sexual orientation”, he said.

Towards the end of the video, the Secretary of Transportation and Public Works of the city of Buenos Aires, he quoted a well-known phrase of Carlos Jauregui, a pioneer of activism gay in Argentina: “In a society that teaches us to shame, pride is a political response”.

For his part, the chief of Cabinet, James Cafiero, claimed “the struggle to expand rights”, and he stated that “pride is a political response” to “transform the reality”. In the meantime, the minister of Women, Equality and Diversity, Elizabeth Gomez Alcortasaid that “the historical struggles of LGBTI people+” are “the engine for moving towards a fairer country”. “Today we can not find us in the streets, but we are present. The historical struggles of LGBTI people+ and flags that we hold for years are the engine to continue progress toward a more just america,” published Gomez Alcorta in their social networks.

The next 15 of July, will mark 10 years of the sanction of the law of Equal Marriage in Argentina. The law N° 26.618 turned our country into “tip of the spear”: it was the first in the region in approving the marriage between people of the same sex. Only during the first six months of the term of the policy, around 1100 same-sex couples were married. For 2015, the number of marriages had risen to more than 10,000 couples.

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