On the sidelines of COP27, Orange is committed to supporting African governments in the energy transition

(Ecofin Agency) – Global players in the telecom sector are increasingly concerned about the impact of their energy consumption and their activities in general on the environment.

In an exclusive interview with We Are Tech on the sidelines of COP27, the Director of Sustainable Energy & Partnerships of Orange Middle East & Africa, Mr. Jean Michel Canto, declared that his group wanted to provide more support to African governments in achieving their objectives on ecological and energy transition .

To this end, the Orange group wishes to work with governments for the development of renewable energies and an ecosystem based on the circular economy, two major challenges for achieving environmental objectives, according to Mr. Canto.

For renewable energies, the group would first like to change the regulations in force in consultation with the States to attract investment, develop its own solar farms and benefit directly from clean and renewable energy.

As for the circular economy, it essentially involves the recycling of telephones and telecom equipment. The group proposes to work with the States for the development of factories specialized in the reconditioning of telecom equipment and telephones for a new use, factories which do not yet exist on African soil.

In addition, Orange has already set up a program called “Net zero carbon 2040which symbolizes the group’s commitment to the climate issue, according to Mr. Canto. It is necessary to underline the development by the group of Orange Energie which allows the distribution of solar Kits, another key element of its action in favor of the environment.

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Abdullah Diop

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