News On the third day, the police searched Paur's house!...

On the third day, the police searched Paur’s house! She disappeared seven years ago

In front of the house are several police and fire engines, behind the house a whole team of investigators. Due to the closed environment, it is not clear what exactly they were doing, but the sounds gave an idea of ​​what was happening there. From the morning, the police continued to dig, drill, cut and carry things from place to place.

The police also had a special georadar here, which can find out what is in the country without the police having to dig it up. The police team is searching the house for the third day. According to TV Nova, the husband of the missing wife is present at the house search all the time.

Already on Tuesday, information appeared that the police did not return to the investigation after years just by accident. There is speculation that criminal investigators should have received new information about the missing woman.

Forensic scientists repeatedly bring several dogs trained to look for odor trails. The police presidium team does not comment on the search. Jana Paurová disappeared seven years ago. Her husband was convicted after her disappearance of torturing his wife in the past.



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