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Network users have ridiculed the teachings of the Ukrainian naval tug "Korets", which took place March 11 in the Azov Sea. A recording of the teachings is published on YouTube.
The press center of the joint operations of the Ukraine offices announced a scheduled departure of the tugboat at sea in the field of combat training activities. At the same time, the Korets, according to the press center, were accompanied by three ships of the border service of the Russian FSB.

On the published shots, you can see how Ukrainian sailors throw grenades aboard a ship and practice shooting with small arms. The netizens compared the teachings with the poachers and defined the "clownery" events.

"Fish for fish?", Asked Andrei Kharitonov.

"Itching to impose martial law before the elections?", – asked the user Andrii Viktorovich.

"Tug?, This clown exceeds all reasonable limits! And what have they practiced in tow, shooting from arches, pulling arcana and boarding hooks? Or is it a maritime representation of a circus tent?" – suggested Ivan Peresvetov.

"The cutter is rusted like a can! What activity can work?", Said the user Vasya Sizov.

"What kind of weapons can be towed? Not otherwise ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile – Ed.)," Vlad Kovalenko saronizirovan.

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