Once she was saved by Magda Gessler. Today she is the “Queen of Life”. She has changed beyond recognition! [zdjęcia – 11.09.2020]

Magda Gessler a few years ago helped save her restaurant. Since then, the life of the heroine of “Kitchen Revolutions” has changed by 180 degrees. Today she is the new “Queen of Life” – a participant in the TTV program.

Sylwia Peretti “Kitchen Revolutions”

Sylwia Peretti, because we are talking about her, has undergone a huge metamorphosis since the “Kitchen Revolutions”. When Magda Gessler visited the restaurant “U Jędzy” in Krakow, which Sylwia Peretti ran with her husband, he was year 2011. The owner looked ordinary then, to put it mildly: like a pretty, attractive blonde who cares about her looks. She was then 29 years old. See what it looked like in our gallery:

Although Magda Gessler carried out a kitchen revolution in the restaurant, restaurateurs did not take her advice very much to heart. Therefore, after returning to the “Edelweiss” restaurant (the new name “U Jędzy”), the well-known restaurateur did not endorse the revolution. Both the new name of the restaurant and the dishes of Magda Gessler are gone. The restaurant is now operating under a new name: “Tavern Mario”.

The entire episode of “Kitchen Revolution” can be watched online at player.pl.

Sylwia Peretti “Queens of Life”

Seemingly, it is a history of many things in “Kitchen Revolutions”. This one, however, has its continuation. As it turns out, Sylwia Peretti can be watched again on the small screen. This time she became the heroine of the popular TTV program “Królowe życia”. As the authors of the program inform, Sylwia would spend any money on a fast car. In his spare time, he often visits a shooting range, and with his fiancé, he runs a company … disarming bombs. You can also see that Sylwia Peretti has changed beyond recognition in less than 10 years. The most striking features are Sylwia’s tattooed body and her large breasts, which she willingly exhibits. See how it has changed:

What do you think about Sylwia Peretti’s metamorphosis? As the queen of life, she looks better than she was 10 years ago as a restaurant owner? We are waiting for your comments.


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