One bankrupt OPEC cartel and its allies in Russia. Benzn v R me go during the summer to increase by three crowns per liter, to 37 crowns

Brent oil price this afternoon for the first time since June 2018, pekroila border 77 dollar for barrel and quite quickly I even hit the goal 90 dollar for barrel. That’s how expensive it was barrel Brentu last in 2014. If clothing the ship zdraila more permanent and so vigorous, gasoline price in R it is approximately 37 crown per liter. Liter diesel would then come out and on 35 crown. This means that both petrol and diesel cars would pay about three crown per liter vce ne te. Benzn Natural 95 now stands without one hall 33 crown per liter, it is also the most expensive in about two years, oil stand without the ninth hall 31 crown per liter.

Dvodem dnenho markantnho rstu oil prices In world markets, the collapse of one cartel OPEC and its allies in the el Russia. Even today, the oil producers could not find a consensus today. At last week, their one failed, due to resistance United Arab Emirates. As the only cartel refused to extend the frame of losk speech until the end year 2022. It carries the main thing Sadsk Arbie. Termn dalch jednn satm nen hours.

Last April, at the height of the pandemic situation, the cartel and its allies agreed on a historic conspiracy to stabilize dramatically declining. oil prices. United Arab emirty then they agreed that their initial storage position for the level of volume increased and reduced will be 3.2 million barrel of oil this. Now they would like to push more than this negotiated entrance frame. Should they agree to the extension of the speech framework until the end of the first year, request in addition the stated basic input value to 3.8 million barrel because.

Naven vak regret jak Sadsk Arbie, yes Mask, ie the two most influential acts of one OPEC and its allies. Riyadh and Moscow alike fear that if they take a step United Arab Emirates, signed up with the request to pay the basic entry as well as the other members of the cartel and gave the participants one.

United Arab emirty in recent years, they have invested heavily in external capacity. The input volume is set at 3.2 million barrel of oil denn se jim tak zd m dl tm vce tying. They would like to use the baldness apparently only temporarily when the worlds economy Recovering from a pandemic, I am just going to the global market clothing. United Arab emirty so in this period they can try to increase their share in the world market with oil. But he must sleep, or the probability will be closed relatively soon nuclear agreement between Tehran and Washington. This would lead to the lifting of existing sanctions and the return of the Czech Republic oil to the worlds markets.

The OPEC cartel and its allies in el Russia Although they agreed on a gradual increase in production in five cities, by 400 thousand barrel kad msc ponaje august, to ale United Arab emirty consider it insufficient. The origin thus historically completely unified the split between the wolves United Arab Emirates and Sadsk Arbie, who have so far practically always acted as strong allies and still speak of themselves as friends. If you would United Arab emirty enforced theirs, they could supply the world market with 700 thousand barrel of oil because vce.

The main difference today is that the OPEC cartel and its allies have not known about the mentioned 400 thousand barrel this. This put additional pressure on the growth oil prices, in case Brentu first and above changes 77 dollar for barrel. Now there is the situation on the market with oil tense, supply does not keep pace with demand. It cannot be ruled out that going to hell barrel of oil Brent price level 90 dollar for barrel. Fuels v R by v takovm ppadn rapidn zdraily o dal zmnn zhruba tyi crown per liter.

Luke Kovanda, Ph.D.

Nrodn ekonomick rada vldy (NERV)

Chief Economist, Trinity Bank

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