One drink protects against arthritis, knees and joints will always be young

One drink will protect against arthritis, the knees and joints will always be “young”. Photo: Alexander Khitrov, IA PrimaMedia

The beneficial properties of tea for bones have been discovered by scientists. They learned that the compound that is found in a particular variety of this plant is useful for the prevention of arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis occurs due to the fact that the immune system mistakenly begins to attack healthy tissues. As a result, the person’s joints begin to hurt, swelling, stiffness of movements appear.

The immune system attacks a thin layer of cells that covers the joints. Chemical substances that destroy the cartilage and bone of the joint are released. This process cannot be “canceled,” but its effect can be reduced, doctors say.

For prevention, dietary foods that have anti-inflammatory properties should be used. Among them is green tea.

It contains many EGCG polyphenols – compounds with a strong anti-inflammatory effect. They are healthier than vitamins C and E, experts emphasize.

Compounds fight free radicals that lead to inflammation. You also need to do regular exercises and special exercises for the joints. Then they will serve you for a long time, experts comment “МедикФорум“.

Alena Schulz

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