One-eyed, amputated… A project in Ukraine tries to break the taboo of sex in war wounded

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Rodion Trystan ran out of an eye in front of Ukraine with 23 years She quickly realized that this war injury would affect all aspects of his life, including his intimate relationships.

Although he has had several girlfriends since he was injured in fighting against pro-Russian separatists in 2015, he has also had disastrous experiences, such as when a woman he had met through an app turned her back on him and left when she saw his face. .

The program of reintegration into civilian life for fighters does not include this theme, laments Trystan. “The problem is that we don’t talk about sex at all,” he explained to AFP.

To remedy this situation, Trystan has decided to take part in a project carried out by an organization of ex-combatants to break the taboo of sex and relationships after having suffered a war injury.

“It is a completely taboo subject in Ukraine,” he stresses. Galyna Alomovaspokesperson for the VeteranHub center for veterans in kyiv.

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