One of Lisbon’s historic bookstores is in danger of closing and asks for help: think of it “as an investment”

In danger of closing, the Barata bookstore – a historic space in Lisbon – announced on Tuesday on its Facebook page the launch of a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign, the details of which are still “in preparation”.

Facing a complicated financial moment, as is also explained in the shared message, Barata says it needs “an immediate‘ oxygen balloon ’” to keep it up and running, and then “to reactivate the business”.

He needs, he adds, that “our customers and potential customers continue to visit the bookstore” and also “a financial package”. The bookstore thus justifies the decision to launch a collection of donations, through an internet platform, “whose details are in preparation” and which will be communicated “soon”.

“It is a decision of great responsibility because we want to do our part and ensure that the money they choose to donate to us will be used well for the service we provide”, it can be read.

Potential interested in contributing to the bookstore asks that this participation be seen as “an investment in the future of Barata that we want to be yours too” and promises to present in the near future the set of actions that this investment will be destined for, as well as the counterparts to which they will have donors right.

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