One of substitutions in Madrid and Burgos: Las Ramblas for Los Bayones; Watered down by Morante, who reappears in Zamora

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In one fell swoop a few news of substitutions have come this Tuesday. Plaza 1 has announced that for health reasons the Los Bayones livestock will not be able to deal next Sunday in Madrid and Tauroemoción has announced that Pablo Aguado will replace Morante de la Puebla in Burgos this Wednesday. Morante, by the way, who is convalescing from a rib fracture suffered on Saturday in Badajoz, will reappear this Saturday in Zamora.

The Madrid company said in its information sheet: “the three bulls from the Los Bayones ranch in SalamancaAnnounced for this Sunday, July 2 at Las VentasThey cannot be dealt with as they are not vaccinated against Blue Tongue disease. Salamanca is considered by the health authorities as an infected zone of this disease and the Community of Madrid as a free zone. For this reason, the authorities do not allow the transfer of unvaccinated bulls from Salamanca to Madrid. Instead, bulls from Las Ramblas will be recognized.”

The poster would definitely look like this: bulls from Las Ramblas and El Vellosino for José Garrido, Álvaro Lorenzo and Ruiz Muñoz, which confirms an alternative.

In Burgos, at the San Pedro and San Pablo fair, Pablo Aguado replaces Morante and the final combination is as follows: Daniel Luque, Emilio de Justo and Pablo Aguado, with bulls ofJuan Pedro Domecq.

The maestro from Puebla will return to the ring, that is the intention, at the Zamora fair next Saturday. The doctors recommended rest after detecting a fracture in the seventh costal arch of the left rack as a result of the tremendous beating he suffered on Saturday in Badajoz, where he was caught twice by the fourth bull of Núñez del Cuvillo.

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