“One of the most special days of my career.” Young man fulfills a promise made years ago and donates his first salary to the Children’s Hospital Foundation – Health – Apollo.lv – Woman

The woman writes that a young man Robert had several years ago promised himself the first salary earned once donated to the fund so that they would help in the same way as before helped him. On Friday, August 21, Robert fulfilled his promise.

“Knowing how difficult Robert’s journey has been, how much he has experienced and survived in his 17 years, how hard the struggle in the Department of Hematooncology was, it seems incredible that he has managed to keep so much goodness in himself! I don’t know how many children there are in the world at all, who would really donate their first salary to someone, and I tried very hard to dissuade him, “the woman writes.

Dambiņa writes that the young man earned his first salary in kindergarten, where he also understood how much he likes working with children, so he has decided to link his studies with it.

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