One of the women’s football coach candidates has coached the Super League team and currently serves in a local club

Original title: One of the women’s football coach candidates has coached the Super League team and currently serves in the local club

Reported by our reporter’s group “Dreams, everyone has. After playing for so many years, I hope to be a coach in the national team and show on the world stage.” On September 25, after leading the United team to win the National Games Women’s Football Championship, Shui Qingxia Finally no longer concealed, she said what she was saying, but she didn’t know whether she could take over. At present, the position of the women’s football team is still in suspense.

On August 16, three days before the women’s football end of quarantine, it was reported that Shui Qingxia would succeed Jia Xiuquan as the women’s football coach. Her first task was to lead the joint team to play in the National Games. But then, Shui Qingxia rejected the rumors in an interview with the Shanghai media, saying that she was only leading the team temporarily and would return to the Shanghai team after the game.

In Xi’an, after almost every game, Shui Qingxia was asked about “whether she will take over the Chinese women’s football”, except for the 1-0 Shaanxi first match, because after that game, she and the players declined interviews.

But when the match was not over, Shui Qingxia was not easy to answer, so she chose to avoid it, but for other topics about women’s football, she no longer resisted.

It must be said that Shui Qingxia has ideas for the coaching position of women’s football. As she said after the game, “Dreams, everyone has. After playing for so many years, I hope to be a coach in the national team. Show on the world stage. Everyone in different professions wants to do their best.”

As a player, Shui Qingxia represented the Chinese women’s football team in the Asian Cup, the World Cup, and the Olympic Games. In 1996 Atlanta, she played in several games; on behalf of the Shanghai women’s football team, she won the National Games championship; in addition, she went to Japan twice to play.

After becoming a coach, Shui Qingxia led the Shanghai team to win the National Games, the League, the Championship, and the Football Association Cup. It can be called a Grand Slam. She also won the best coach of the league and the best coach of the championship.

It can be said that Shui Qingxia’s coaching career is almost as good as the Chinese women’s football team.

In 2017, after leading the team to win the National Games championship, Shui Qingxia entered the women’s football coach candidate list for the first time, but she lost to Icelander Ejolsson, who led the Suning women’s football team to the FA Cup and the third place. Jorson won. It is said that what the Football Association values ​​is his experience in international competition. He once led the Icelandic women’s football team, which is not a strong team, to win the 2011 Algarve Cup and enter the top 8 in the European Cup in 2013. For this reason, at that time, The head of the Football Association, Zhang Jian, went to Nanjing to persuade Suning to release people.

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In less than half a year, Eyol Panasonic, who had a bad record, was dismissed from get out of class. Because he signed a trial contract before, he only lost two months’ salary. Shui Qingxia, Hao Wei, Sun Wen and others became candidates again, but in the end, the Football Association chose Jia Xiuquan.

Although Jia Xiuquan won certain recognition, his performance in the Tokyo Olympics undoubtedly put an end to his coaching in the Chinese women’s football team.

Now, the opportunity is again in front of Shui Qingxia. The 55-year-old does not want to miss it again-the National Games is a “water” test.

For the United team, Shui Qingxia can actually do not much. First of all, the players are still those players, just because of Chen Qiaozhu’s injury, Zhong Xiudong was added; secondly, the time is too tight, from the takeover to the game, only three weeks, it is difficult to make a major transformation of the team.

“I haven’t had time to do anything”, “Not much change”, “In fact, there is not much change”… These are Shui Qingxia’s answers to media questions.

In fact, the biggest problem for the joint team is confidence. The results of 1 draw and 2 losses in the Tokyo Olympics put everyone on their backs. “Confidence, let them be more confident, forget the past as soon as possible, and look forward.” After winning the championship, Shui Qingxia explained her “thought”. As for tactics, “the whole thing is a little bit more, hope more Hit your feet, hoping to pass on more.”

She has been a women’s football coach for 20 years. Although some players were unfamiliar when they entered the Olympic roster, Shui Qingxia “knows well”. She naturally brought it from Shanghai, some in the National Youth League, and others in the league. His opponents have been studied in the past.

Shui Qingxia did not completely deny Jia Xiuquan’s employment, and did not change much in the offense. Even Umu Gurila, who was criticized in the Olympics, had the opportunity to take turns with Xiao Yuyi as the main force. The change came from the defensive line. Wang Shanshan re-played the central defender, while Li Qingtong did not play for a minute, and the previous main goalkeeper Peng Shimeng was also hidden.

The performance of the United team won the championship in 4 games. In fact, the performance of the United team has not won universal recognition. Except for the Beijing team with 4 goals in the semi-finals, the other 3 games were all a small victory with 1 goal. The game against Jiangsu was once behind. It took two set-pieces to reverse, and the win in Beijing was questioned by the outside world as “silly”-the opponent changed seven starters, Ma Xiaoxu and Zhang Linyan did not start, and Gu Yasha did not even make the list.

But no matter what, when the championship was won, Du Zhaocai, deputy director of the General Administration of Administration and vice chairman of the Football Association, gave the awards.

Regarding the awards, one detail is that the players’ award-winning uniforms show different provinces, and Shui Qingxia’s clothes also have the word “Shanghai” on them.

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On the 26th, Shui Qingxia, who had ended the mission of the joint team coach, returned to Shanghai, but her future is still a mystery. In other words, the women’s football team is still empty.

After winning the championship on the 25th, facing Shui Qingxia, the media asked the most, “Do you want to coach the Chinese women’s football?”

At the beginning, Shui Qingxia did not want to answer positively. Faced with the question of “how to arrange next”, she started Tai Chi, “I will go back to Shanghai tomorrow, take a holiday, and then return to the Shanghai team to play the league.” On the 26th. , She told the newspaper, “Go back to Shanghai first and train on the 2nd.”

The so-called “2-day training” should be to lead the Shanghai Women’s Football Team to prepare for the Women’s Super League on October 2. This year’s Women’s Super League has been split into three stages. The first stage is the first three rounds, which have already been played in May. The Shanghai team has 2 wins and 1 draw and is temporarily second. The second stage was originally scheduled to take place from August 11th to August 27th, with a total of 6 rounds of matches, but due to the postponement of the epidemic, the battle will start again in mid-October.

As for the women’s football coach rumors, Shui Qingxia initially said, “To be honest, even I don’t know about this. The outside world is just speculating. So there is no need to wait until that day to talk about it. As a coach, I still need to improve. Myself.” Some media asked if I am looking forward to coaching the Chinese women’s football team. Shui Qingxia joked, “I am looking forward to life. I didn’t think so much about coaching (Chinese women’s football). Do you want me to be? (Reporter responds to hope) Oh, then I will Fight for it.” She also said, “You guys give me some help.”

But in the end, Shui Qingxia still said her own words, “Dreams, everyone has. After playing for so many years, I hope to be a coach in the national team and show on the world stage. Everyone is different. In the industry, I hope to be the best.” In her view, coaching the Chinese women’s football team is an honor. “Every coach wants to do something for the motherland. This is a responsibility. If possible, I hope. Can take up this responsibility. As a Chinese, we should do something (for Chinese football).”

This is Shui Qingxia’s first public statement. Now, it’s up to the Chinese Football Association.

It is worth mentioning that after the awards on the 25th, Du Zhaocai and Shui Qingxia communicated and exchanged privately, but the time was not long and the specific content was unknown.

It should be noted that although Shui Qingxia led the team to play in the National Games, she is not the only one on the women’s football coach candidate list.

According to this newspaper, the senior level of the Football Association has also looked for a young and powerful male coach before and asked him if he is willing to take over the women’s football, and asked him to talk about their views on women’s football, and if he takes over in the future, which aspects he would like to start with. The coach used to coach in the Super League team and currently works in a local club.

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According to the regulations of the Football Association, the national coach is subject to competitive recruitment, that is, there are fixed procedures. Therefore, the possibility of this male coach participating in competitive recruitment is not ruled out.

Compared with Shui Qingxia, the male coach has not been involved in women’s football before, just like Zhang Haitao, Pei Encai and Jia Xiuquan.

The women’s football coach has two major tasks next year. The first task is the Women’s Asian Cup to be held in India from January 20th to February 6th next year, which is also a qualifying match for the 2023 World Cup. However, because there are 6 places in Asia, it is not difficult to qualify. In the last Asian Cup, Ejoelson led the team to perform well in the group stage, but lost to Japan 1 to 3 in the semi-finals, and finally only won the third place. When he finished class, this also became one of the “crimes”.

The second task will be the Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou from September 10 to 25 next year. That year, Jia Xiuquan led the team to win the silver medal in the Jakarta Asian Games and was recognized by the Football Association. Then he led the team to compete in the French World Cup and the Tokyo Olympics. In this home battle, even if you can’t win the championship, at least you can’t fall in the rankings.

However, no matter who will take over, they must face the reality that the strength of the Chinese women’s football team has long been different from what it used to be, especially the young players have not topped it.

After winning the National Games, Wang Shuang posted a post on personal social media. She first affirmed the sense of team honor and sense of responsibility displayed by the young players in the team, including the spirit of not giving up and not abandoning in difficult times, but she believes, ” Team football needs spirit, but it’s far from enough to rely on spirit to play.” She said that many young players need to show more ability to prove themselves.

Having coached in the women’s football circle for so many years, Shui Qingxia knows more, but she still hopes to give more time. “The coach and the players work very hard. They may make a lot of mistakes on the way, but they still have to give them more. Time, because they still want to run hard. Therefore, each of us must be tolerant. In addition to accusations, we still have to give them more applause, just like your own children. After you finish talking about her, you still want her to be able to Grow and improve.”Return to Sohu to see more


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