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“We came out together, all of us.” In the aftermath of the WHO decision to declare the end of the world emergency due to Covid, Giuseppe Remuzzi, Director of the Mario Negri IRCCS Institute for Pharmacological Research, returns to speak when interviewed by Corriere della Sera, he draws a balance left by the pandemic: “Covid it is no longer a global health emergency. But the virus is still there, it is evolving, it puts the elderly and frail at risk, but the level of concern has significantly decreased. It is part of the history of all pandemics. Some scholars say that a pandemic really ends only when another begins”. A prediction that leaves some fear.

The Covid era ends forever: WHO declares the end of the pandemic

But Remuzzi is still radiant with his farewell to Covid: “This is a great victory for science. We got a vaccine in 8 months, when none of the experts thought it was possible. The governments of the USA and the European Union have invested enormous sums in grants, trusting in science. We learned a lot, understanding the importance of simple gestures for one’s individual protection. So yeah, for me we came out better. Nothing in such a short time has ever done humanity as much good as the vaccine, except the discovery of potable water.

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And then the assault on no-vaxes: “Thirteen billion doses administered, for 5.5 billion vaccinated people. It means that the deaths theoretically connected to the vaccine are 0.0029 percent. There are more chances of losing your life in a car accident, or by leaving the gas on in the kitchen”. Closure against the virostars: “There are broadcasts – Remuzzi points the finger – that have confused ideas in an almost intentional way, pitting people against each other instead of providing information, and have done some damage. We doctors have lent ourselves to the game, this is true. We found ourselves against characters of all kinds who challenged us with questionable arguments. But the only thing that seemed to matter was the ability to pierce the video. We have not been able to make the public understand that science does not proceed by certainties, but by degrees of probability”.

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