One picture that IU revealed without a word… everyone got fed up

Singer and actress IU (Lee Ji-eun) drew attention with her meaningful nail art.

Below is IU’s Instagram

On the 27th, IU posted a picture without a special comment using her Instagram story.

In the published photo, IU’s nails showing off her nail art are included. Like a singer-songwriter, he seems to have drawn a meaningful shape to himself with various notes and blue flowers. Not long ago, he celebrated his 13th debut anniversary, introducing nail art and drawing a picture that means 13 directly on the photo.

In particular, on his middle finger, a ribbon drawing was drawn to represent the commemoration in various ways, including the Sewol ferry disaster.

Earlier, on the 18th, on the 13th anniversary of her debut, IU spread her good influence with a special donation. EDAM Entertainment, her agency, announced that IU delivered food, clothing, and shelter-oriented donations to the underprivileged and selected clinics with brands currently serving as exclusive advertising models.

In addition, after debuting in 2008, whenever there is a special anniversary or social issue, IU has been consistently donating to the underprivileged with the fan club ‘Uena’.


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