One Piece manga chapter 1079 leaked

Full recap spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1079 were released on Tuesday, March 21, 2023. While the chapter is relatively short (15 pages) compared to the length of a typical series release, it is incredibly dense with shocking settings and plentiful conclusions.

The full recap of One Piece Chapter 1079 also reveals that there will be a break to the series next week, which many fans have been anticipating given the recent stretch of ongoing releases. This means that once Chapter 1079 is officially released at 12:00 AM JST on March 27, 2023, Fans won’t see the next issue until the same time on April 10, 2023.

One Piece manga chapter 1079 leaks

One Piece Chapter 1079 spoilers begin their story content with a flashback focusing on Vegapunk York. Just a few hours earlier, York realizes that the World Government has betrayed her and intends to wipe her out, yet York is ready and has a plan of her own.

It is revealed that York ordered all the Seraphim to kill everyone except her and Dr. Vegapunk himself (Stella’s main body), and the Cipher Pol agents captured in the underground lab and then ordered S-Snake to turn her to stone and bring her back later. York also appears to have given another order to S- Snake, but it was not shown to readers.

One Piece Chapter 1079 sees the end of a flashback where S-Snake flies somewhere in the present and continues to evacuate Egghead Island. However, outside the island a Blackbeard Pirates-flagged ship is seen approaching Egghead Island.

Case then shifts his gaze to Elbaf, where the battle of Shanks and Eustass Kid begins.

Kid battles various captains from the larger Red Hair Pirates fleet, who are known to be weaker than the captains of the other Yonko fleets. It is determined here that they are able to survive in the New World due to protection from Shanks’ flag. The Red Hair Pirates themselves are still near the coast. And they take a while to get close to battle.

Chapter 1079 of One Piece then sees Lucky Roux telling Shanks to remain still and that they will handle the situation however Yonko responds by reminding Lucky of Berry’s three billion dollar bounty and adding that he should not underestimate “youth growth”.

Shanks is seen asking Hongo if there is any new information on Blackbeard, but there isn’t all they know is that Blackbeard left Hachinosu (Pirate Island).

Shanks comments on how he thinks Blackbeard will appear in Wano but it is clear that this did not happen in the end and then asks Yasopp to see if the Wano Pirate Kid’s wounds had healed before the fight started which Yasopp confirms. Kid then uses his cursed company as Shanks approaches the beach.

Chapter 1079 sees Kid destroy all ships of the Red Hair Pirates’ fleet, defeating all the captains with his attack however it is revealed that this is not reality but actually a future scene that Shanks saw through his advanced Haki observation then Beckman comments on how Shanks appears to have seen There is a great future there.

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