One pushes one with two. Notes for the match against the Czech Republic

After the game against the Czech Republic, we put up four one-pointers and the same number of two-pointers. It’s a shame to shred the rice. Here are the notes that Fernando Santos players receive from us.


With each of the goals he conceded, he didn’t have much to say, so it’s hard for them to go to his account. He saved our ass when at the end of the first half Cvancara hit our goal. Szczesny made his first attempt. Instinctively, the ball was back within range of the shooter. Our goalkeeper showed that he had not yet exhausted the limit of double saves and also thwarted another attempt. Downside? One of the Czechs cornered him in our penalty area. Fortunately for Juve’s goalkeeper, the angle was too sharp to think of a goal.

MATTY CASH – unrated

He came off after nine minutes due to an injury. Brutally demolished at the goal at 2:0 by rushing Jurasek. We don’t know if the injury had already made itself felt at that time. It would be a slight mitigating circumstance for him.


One of the biggest losses of the last world championships in the Polish national team. There were many indications that after a temporary crisis his career was back on track. First of all, he started playing. It is no longer the fifth wheel of the car as in Aston Villa. For this reason, we looked at our defensive line with some calmness.

Oh we fools. Less than 30 seconds have passed and Jan Bednarek has already failed the goal. By the time he jumped to Krejcije, he seemed to have everything under control. He was positioned under the incoming football. He protected access to the gate. When he got up in the air, the Czech player demolished him by force, and then jumped over without any problems. With the goal at 3:0 he tried to patch the gaps created on our right side. Kral ended up playing between his legs and thus scored an assist.


He looked as if he had drunk eight lemon balm infusions before the meeting. This is undoubtedly Kiwior’s worst match in the national team. He didn’t make life difficult for the scorer at 2-0 in any way. It is important that he was supposed to cover him, but he positioned himself badly, let himself escape, and when Cvancara got the ball from his colleagues, it was impossible to stop him. The goal to make it 3-0 should also be added to his score. He doesn’t control the attacker behind his back. He slides but does not intercept the ball. He misaligned again. He couldn’t fix his mistake.


Turns out he was the best defender of the team today. It doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just the standards we set in Prague. He put down the crime story at the very end of the first half, when he couldn’t keep Cvancary under control, who, thanks to Karbownik, faced a goal opportunity. There was nothing special about the front. Kadrowicz for here and now? Probably not. But it’s not worth deleting.


One of the most pumped Polish footballers in recent times? Hell, it’s possible. In a healthy Bielik, we saw our chance to enter a different football world where football is played and not a fight for survival. It has a completely non-Krychowiak package of features. He can dribble. Sends dangerous passes. He likes the ball.

But so far…

It’s average. pale. Miserably. Today Bielik wandered around the pitch as if he had had a hard strength training yesterday. He didn’t always run. He tottered more often. He didn’t make us miss Krychowiak, but whether he would play or “Krycha” – it would be the same thing.


I don’t think anyone in the Polish team got as many chances and scored as many new openings as Karol Linetty. Today – something like this! He was completely disappointed again. He is not a midfield leader and never will be. He used to be a fuse. Like at the beginning of the match, when the second goal was scored after his loss.

He has a shot from a distance of 35 meters, which Pavlenka deflected to the side, which was probably the most difficult intervention of the Czech goalkeeper in this match. He has a perpendicular ball attempt on Lewy. But that’s not enough. Let’s accept the fact that we won’t make a representative out of Linette. It’s his 43rd game for the national team and we still don’t know if he can give anything to this team.


Can someone explain to the Portuguese coaches that Sebastian Szymański is not a winger and does not feel good in this position? Sousa put Szymański on a pendulum and then deleted him. Santos threw him on the wing and, well, of our attacking players, he looked the most pale. When he could have his five minutes and got a soft ball from Lewy, he failed to glue it to the cage. Hopeless in solos. He lost almost all of them. He took a tenner on his back, but probably prematurely.


He has gained so much status in the national team that we have to demand more from him in such meetings. He should take more responsibility. Direct the game. Make a bigger mark on it. After all, he has already had matches in the national team where he looked great, despite the fact that others did not arrive. Today, however, he did not arrive with them. His free-kick may have looked promising, but in the end we’re talking about a missed shot.


We are extremely curious to see what he did with the 3-0 goal. He seems to be hiding someone, but I don’t know who. I think it was Kuchta’s back. He did it brilliantly, because although Kuchta scored a goal, it was not with his back. He looked like that in the first half as he ran down the wing. In the second, he was moved back to left-back. He was running, you can’t take that away from him. But if we describe ordinary efforts with the words “that can’t be taken away from him”, then you probably already know what kind of performance it was. Full of chaos, failed attempts, maybe ambitious, but still unsuccessful. We laughed a little when he decided to take a corner kick in action on the wing, but he hit the rival so much that the ball bounced off his legs. He was finishing the action of Lewy and Szymański, but his shot did not make a panic.


He made a second-degree assist on a goal of honor. He played an interesting ball to Szymanski in the first half. He sent a center shot from the penalty area into the goalkeeper’s gloves.

That’s it.


He had a problem today with a more aggressive and faster jump to the rival. Several times he left a lot of space for his opponents, and they willingly took advantage of it. For example, Hlosek, who despite covering the defender of Augsburg, was able to turn with the ball, work out a position for a shot and finally shoot, when Gumny – not starting in a lost position – was not even close to being cut at any stage. The third gate burdens the sector for which he was responsible. He fell for a simple feint and caused a free kick at 18 meters. Didn’t do much up front. Once he proposed such a thunderous dribbling that he had to save himself by knocking out.


He came on the field after the break. He got as much as his friends, which is not much. But we had the impression that he was a little more active than the rest and wanted a little more. He came in with positive energy, but in the end he didn’t do much. He had two heads in injury time, both off target.


His flat cross was turned into a goal by Szymański. Skóraś, as it is Skóraś – he tried brave rallies, he was not afraid of dribbling, he was jerking. Most of it came to nothing, but at the end of the day, he can say about himself that he at least scored an assist. This is his first offensive performance for the national team.


Another one who entered the field with positive energy. Despite spending 26 minutes on the pitch, he did more than many of his teammates with more minutes. He dribbled well. It hasn’t done much, but it’s certainly a promising entry.


Too short to judge him. He remained conscious at the gate. He checked how the goalkeeper throws, shot a chip over him – although he was seemingly in an easy position, it was necessary to show some intelligence in it.


photo. PhotoPyK

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