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One week after the death of Sergio Denis, his children will initiate legal actions against the theater where the fatal accident occurred.

In the midst of pain at the farewell of their father, their children Federico, Bárbara and Victoria decided to initiate legal actions against the place, which is in charge of the government. “The claim would be for damages”, explained to Teleshow Diego Colombo, lawyer who will carry out the cause and unconditional friend of the interpreter of topics such as “I love you so much” and “Life is worth it”.

We are evaluating presenting ourselves as individuals affected in the criminal proceedings that take place there in Tucumán. Sergio’s children are determined to initiate actions against the Interior and against all those who are in any way responsible for the accident that they suffered on March 11 of last year. ”he added.

As soon as the restrictions on driving are lifted, Federico Hoffman will also travel to Tucumán to “take cognizance of the actions that a prosecution there initiated ex officio.” Although expertise was already done as soon as the fatal accident occurred, They do not rule out that these are insufficient and they have to request new studies “in order to clarify the fact that caused irreparable damage to Sergio.”

At the time of the accident, the site administrator, Raúl Armisen, had planned to close the space to make “more operational” the room since The space for the orchestra had not been used for years. He even explained that the process to carry out the work had already begun, that they were waiting for authorizations and that the wood would arrive that week to carry out the work (the accident was on a Monday and the materials arrived on Wednesday).

As can be seen in the photos of the shows that were performed in the theater and that they shared from the same place through their social networks, it is a black wood that covers the space between the stage and the audience (just the hollow of the pit). Although the structure is removable, Most of the artists chose to keep it during their shows, even some, as was the case with Cazzu, who used the platform to approach the audience and dance on it.

Denis was preparing to sing the song “I call you to say goodbye” when he went from the audience to the stage and, as he walked the stairs that led him, he fell into the orchestra pit from more than three meters high. He was immediately transferred to the Ángel C. Padilla Hospital. Olga fernandez, director of the medical institute, explained that night that the patient presented “Hematomas of the brain, multiple contusions, hemorrhage, significant cerebral edema, a fracture of the temporal bone in the head, and a fracture at the level of the clavicle and the shoulder blade.”

Nora, Sergio’s sister, traveled urgently to Tucumán and when speaking the next day with the media asked people to pray, since the musician “It was more in the hands of God than of the doctors”. Even with the odds against it, he continued fighting and after little more than a month later he was transferred in a medical plane to Buenos Aires.

In the Sanatorium of Los Arcos made two interventions: the first surgery was on the thorax, “to evacuate a complex pleural effusion that compressed part of the right lung”, and the second on the abdomen “for a serious intestinal infectious process”.

Once his condition stabilized, the family decided to transfer him again, this time to the comprehensive rehabilitation clinic ALCLA in the Belgrano neighborhood. There were other celebrities such as Gustavo Cerati and Santiago Bal.

His children and brothers visited him daily, as did his friend Colombo who went whenever he could, until at the end of March due to the advance of the coronavirus they began to restrict visits. Finally and After an extensive fight, Sergio stopped breathing last Friday, but he is still present in his music and in the love of his followers.


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