One year verdict in the NSU trial: On account of enlightenment


One year verdict in the NSU trial

Any terrorist aides from that time are not identified, traces in a right network remained unscathed. Now the case Lübcke raises new questions.

Protestant in Hamburg Photo: dpa

Carsten S. at least is in custody. Since spring, in a penitentiary, which may not be named. The 39-year-old provided the NSU trio with the Česká pistol, with which the right-wing terrorists shot nine migrants. After his arrest, S. seized and since then he has been under witness protection.

“He wants to finally conclude for himself,” says Jacob Hösl, the lawyer of Carsten S. Already at the beginning of the year, he had withdrawn his appeal against the NSU judgment, weeks later began his detention.

This makes Carsten S. the only NSU helper who is in custody today. Exactly one year ago, the Munich Higher Regional Court pronounced the verdict on the NSU terror series with ten fatalities and three attacks: life imprisonment for Beate Zschäpe, imprisonment of up to ten years for four law enforcement aid aides. For Carsten S. it was three years of juvenile punishment. It was a historical judgment, the culmination of a mammoth process, after five years of negotiation.

But it was also: a bit of disillusionment.

Even in the courtroom one of the helpers, André Eminger, was released, the closest confidant of the NSU trio. He obtained housing, papers and motorhomes for the people who were hiding. For this he got two and a half years in prison, neo-Nazis in the stands broke out in cheers.

Victims are disappointed

A few days later Ralf Wohlleben was released from custody. He organized the murder weapon for the trio. The other two convicted helpers, Holger G. and Carsten S., had been released for years. All defendants went immediately into revision against the NSU judgment, therefore also the provisional releases.

It will take time for the Federal Court to review the conviction. Currently, the judges write the written opinion. Due to the long process they have time: by April 2020 at the latest, the judges must present their reasons.

So long are the judgments not yet final. For so long Beate Zschäpe is still in custody, currently in the JVA Chemnitz. And as long as the NSU helpers remain free – except for Carsten S. The only one who fully participated in the investigation of the terror series.

The fact that the NSU aid scene so far escapes disappointed many victims. Also Gamze Kubaşık. Her father was murdered on April 4, 2006 in Dortmund by the NSU, in his kiosk, by two headshots. One year after the NSU verdict, she says: “That neo-Nazis are celebrating after the verdict is a very bitter sign.”

Kubaşık is scary. Because it is unclear whether all NSU helpers are known. “In Dortmund and elsewhere, neo-Nazis are still running around, who probably also helped with the murder of my father,” says the 32-year-old. “I finally want you to follow these neo-Nazis as a network. They are much more dangerous than the police and the protection of the constitution. “

Peter Frank, Attorney General

“The file NSU will not be closed”

Attorney General Peter Frank had promised after the NSU verdict: “The file NSU will not be closed.” It will continue to search for supporters search. However, that since then something would have happened, you have not heard.

Now the murder of Kassel's district president Walter Lübcke raises new questions. The NSU also murdered in Kassel: On April 6, 2006, the right-wing terrorists shot Halit Yozgat, in his Internet café – two days after the murder of Mehmet Kubaşık. Were there helpers? If so, did the suspected Lübcke murderer Stephan Ernst, a long-time right-wing extremist, possibly deal with them? Did the NSU act serve as a role model?

The Yozgat family does not want to speculate about that. Her lawyers are also covered. Others, however, ask questions. “Of course, with the murder of Walter Lübcke, everything is back up,” says Mehmet Daimagüler, advocate for the families of two Nuremberg victims of the NSU. “Do we know if the NSU network is still alive? If it does not continue to kill? Now revenge that the NSU supporters environment has never been evicted by the federal prosecutor. “

The case of Andreas Temme

At the beginning of June Lübcke was murdered, in front of his house in Wolfhagen-Istha, 25 kilometers from Kassel, also with a headshot. The alleged perpetrator, Stephan Ernst, was already in 1989 with right-wing extremist crimes. When the NSU murdered in 2006 in Kassel, he was part of the local neo-Nazi scene. Is there a connection?

Gamze Kubaşık believes: yes. “I am convinced that the neo-Nazis, who probably helped with the murder of my father, are also involved in the murder of Mr. Lübcke. Why are people still saying to the police and the intelligence service that these are all individual offenders? “

It is clear: Especially after the Kassel NSU murder many questions remained open. Because at the crime scene at that time was also a constitutional protector: Andreas Temme. Why, is still unclear to this day. Temme claims that he surfed privately on a flirt website and did not hear about the murder. The latter did not believe him investigators. It is also unclear what Temme telephoned shortly before the act with a V-man from the extreme right-wing scene Kassel.

Was this scene involved in the NSU murder? After witnessing the NSU trio, three witnesses reported seeing Böhnhardt, Mundlos or Zschäpe in the city – at a birthday party of the scene-size Stanley R., sometimes in a restaurant visited by right-wingers, sometimes at a scene concert. The investigators could not substantiate that. However, the accumulation of alleged sightings in Kassel remains conspicuous: all coincidence?

Lübcke appeared already on an old list

A Kassel right-wing extremist, Corryna G., admitted that she visited the Internet café of Halit Yozgat several months before the murder several times. She does not want to have anything to do with the NSU act either: She only bought Sim cards back then. Strange remains: The last NSU shelter in Zwickau was a hand-painted sketch – Halit Yozgats Internet cafe.

Where did she come from? Did she make someone for the NSU trio? This is also unclear.

And now the Lübcke murder. The investigators do not yet see a connection with the NSU series. But: On an address list with about 10,000 entries that investigators at the NSU Trio found was also Lübcke's name – with his address and the former function as a member of parliament. Long before Lübcke in 2015 became known nationwide with its criticism of refugee opponents.

The suspect Stephan Ernst was also a topic in the Hessian NSU committee. There, however, only as a conspicuous, violent neo-Nazi – without direct reference to the NSU trio. But: According to security circles, Ernst is said to have been a member of the völkisch “Artgemeinschaft” until 2011.

And that also attracted the NSU network: The condemned Wohlleben is friends with the leader of the association, Zschäpe and Eminger have visited there training. And when the NSU sent letters of donation to the scene in 2002, the “art community” also arrived.

The helpers do not look well-off

Questions also raises the alleged weapons broker Ernst: Markus H., he too a longtime Kassel neo-Nazi. The 43-year-old was already targeted in 2006 for the murder of Halit Yozgat. Conspicuously often he called a BKA wanted side to the deed. The police explained H. his interest with the fact that his landlord is an acquaintance of Yozgat and he met Halit once.

After H.'s right attitude, the investigators did not ask. They unhooked the track. His sights are once again on Stanley R. He is a neo-Nazi in Kassel, photos of 2002 show him with Stephan Ernst. The authorities have long held R. violent, certifying him “the highest degree of conspiracy”. Today, R. is considered the German leader of the neo-Nazi network Combat18 – which has committed itself to an armed struggle and “leaderless resistance”. Like the NSU.

Gamze Kubaşık

“How many people are still to be killed by the Nazis before this danger is finally taken seriously?”

“There are far too many unanswered questions in the NSU complex,” says victim lawyer Daimagüler. Especially after the Lübcke murder, it was all the more compelling that the enlightenment of the right terror series will be resumed and the state finally crack down on neo-Nazi structures.

In fact – apart from Carsten S. – even the condemned NSU helpers are not purified. André Eminger visited shortly after his conviction a neo-Nazi concert in Kirchheim, Thuringia. In another scene festival, he showed up in the shirt of the far-right “prisoner aid”.

It stays hairy

Wohlleben retired after his release with the leader of the “Artgemeinschaft” in Saxony-Anhalt. Most recently, he took part in a far-right “contemporary witness lecture” in Saxony with Eminger, according to the constitution protection. In the scene that is goutiert: Both would be there “cared” and worshiped as “heroes”.

Beate Zschäpe, on the other hand, is less noticed in the scene. She was there “out” as constitutional protection chief Thomas Haldenwang stated. Even in custody were “political abnormalities” of Zschäpe “not known,” said the head of the JVA Chemnitz the taz. A spokesman for the Federal Prosecutor's Office assured, references to NSU helpers will continue to pursue – but so far, these have not been substantiated by the court.

It is still being investigated against nine suspects, who are said to have procured weapons or papers for the NSU. How active is determined, however, remains unclear. In any case, there were no more searches, no charges, since the verdict.

Gamze Kubaşık has no understanding for this. “How many people are still to be killed by the Nazis before this danger is finally taken seriously?”

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