Online: Djokovi – Medvedv 4: 6, 4: 6, 4: 6, New York (USA) – Grandslam tournament mu US Open

Who will stop me Djokovie?
It is true that (not only) tennis fans (this) have been asking this question (often) very often in recent weeks and months. The popular Facebook profile Troll Tennis played before the semifinals with Zverev, finding that the only person who can stop Djokovie at the moment is the umpire’s decision, which the Serb missed and unwillingly hit the game pack in the eight-finals of the US Open against Mr. Carre. Djok lost his service at that time and Carreo had to serve the team in the first set at 6: 5 from his point of view. To do that at the bottom. Djok was disqualified because the game must not endanger the safety of anyone on the court. Former Djokovie Radek tpnek said to the website at the time that the Serb would make this fatal mistake a huge mental pain, because his goal was to win the most grand slam in history. However, as you can see, he was able to knock himself out.

Since then, Toti has lost only one pass to the grand slam. Last year in Pai he lost to Rafael Nadal 0: 6, 2: 6, 5: 7. Afterwards, Goran Ivanievi was the target of various vtpk and mon and mock wimbledonsk vtz 2001. Former coach Tom Berdych predicted that Nadal would not be in the final. In the same way, since the unequivocal loss in Pai, the Serb has increased in twenty-one grand slam duels in a row, and in order for his season to be practically perfect, the mistakes will perhaps be a better result for the Olympic games. Djok passed through the tournament without any problems to the semifinals. In nm he led 6: 1, 3: 2 and ml in the walls of the break. Subsequently, he chose evidently perhaps the weakest moment in the whole year, and Zverev allowed him a single game. In the fight for bronze, he did not stand in the set or on the changed Carrea. After Tokyo, he admitted that he was mentally exhausted.

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