Online Gambling Site Employees Tortured by Bosses: Some Officials Hit the Pages all

JAKARTA, – Jamal (22), former site employee gambling online who was a victim of confinement and abuse in his former office in Penjaringan, North Jakarta, revealed that there were officers involved in the beating.

According to Jamal, there were some of the 15 perpetrators of the persecution in April 2022, who were police officers.

“Initially, I spent around Rp. 13 million, after that I was interrogated by the boss of this site and the officers there,” said Jamal, quoted from Tribun Jakarta, Friday (12/8/2022).

“I was just thrown again at other officers to be whipped and beaten by the people there, in that room I was whipped with a hose,” he continued.

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Jamal said that this confinement occurred in April 2022, when he had been working for the company for about a year online gambling site it’s as customer service.

Jamal’s job at the office is to make transactions or transfer money to the winning players after betting on the online gambling site.

Jamal told his story and admitted that at first he used the company’s Rp 13 million money without his superiors knowing.

Suddenly, on April 12, 2022, when Jamal had just arrived at his office, he was called by his superiors to one of the empty rooms.

“I was taken to a room that was previously a place of isolation for Covid-19, because there was no more Covid-19 so it was empty,” said Jamal.

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In the empty room, the superior then asked Jamal to admit that he had used office money with a value of tens of millions of rupiah.

Jamal was initially dishonest and continued to avoid until finally a blow from one of the officers landed on his face.

After being beaten so many times, Jamal finally admitted that he had secretly used Rp 13 million in office money.

In his confession, Jamal also said that the tens of millions of rupiah was used to meet the needs of his family, including the needs of his only child.

Jamal’s confession did not make the emotions of the people in the online gambling office subside.

They even continued to torture Jamal by whipping him with a hose, setting him on fire with cigarettes, force-feeding him with drugs, and parading him shirtless around the shophouse.

“I was paraded again with the employees there. I was paraded to the complex’s shophouse in a condition where I didn’t wear clothes, only panties. Then I hung an inscription like that, ‘I took Rp 13 million’,” said Jamal.

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It didn’t stop there, after being satisfied with torturing Jamal, the company also kept the victim in the empty room.

The victim was locked from outside and his cell phone was confiscated by the company.

Fortunately, this confinement was discovered by Jamal’s wife who worked in the same shophouse area as the victim.

Jamal’s wife watched as her husband was paraded around the workplace.

On the first day of detention, Jamal’s wife came home and told her family what had happened to the victim.

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Jamal’s family then went to Jamal’s office to negotiate.

Long story short, after three days in captivity, Jamal was finally released after his family gave Rp 5 million and a motorcycle BPKB guarantee to the online gambling company.

Jamal, who did not accept the office’s treatment, finally reported to the North Jakarta Metro Police on April 16, 2022.

The report is listed with the number LP/B/289/TV/2022/SPKT/POLRES METRO JAKUT/POLDA METRO JAYA.

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He has also been sent for post-mortem after suffering bruises on his back, thighs and face.

“I have injuries on my back, bruises on my thighs, and I have psychological problems and my trauma from that day until now. I had fever, headache, dizziness, couldn’t sleep,” he concluded.

Police are still investigating the involvement of officers

Confirmed separately, the police have not yet named a suspect in this case.

The police are also still investigating Jamal’s confession regarding the presence of officers who also beat him.

North Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit AKBP Febri Isman Jaya, until now his party is still conducting examinations of witnesses so that they have not named a suspect.

Febri said that so far the police have examined 4 witnesses.

“There are four witnesses, we will call another witness later, what will happen next,” said Febri.

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Of the four people, one of them is the wife of the victim. The rest are employees of the online gambling site company where the victim works.

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However, he did not specify whether the employee who had been examined had also participated in torturing the victim or not.

“What is clear is that the victim’s colleagues and employees at the company, including one of the victims’ wives, said Febri.

In addition, the police have also visited and processed the crime scene at Ruko Toho, Kamal Muara area, Penjaringan, North Jakarta.

Although the suspects have not yet been determined from several people who were reported by the victims, Febri said, this case has already advanced to the stage of investigation.

“Articles 170 and 351 of the Criminal Code are subject to. What is clear is that the fingerprinting process has been carried out, we are handling this, while waiting for the process,” said Febri.

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Febri also stated that his party would explore the victim’s confession regarding the involvement of officers in the case of confinement and mistreatment.

“Well, that is also what we are investigating, whether the person is a person (the apparatus) or not,” said Febri.

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